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  1. omac

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Sorry I missed your reply, I got tied up with my that doesn't sound right, I lost track of time lol. I often ride lysty (Hallam rd car park) during the week & red hill on the w/ends but I ended up doing a short 13k at red hill today. I'll make sure I have time for the next one @...
  2. omac

    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Which car park are you leaving from?
  3. omac


    I used blu tac to block all the holes in my frame
  4. omac

    Has anyone ever repainted their new Mountain Bike.

    I painted my new trials frame light blue because it was silver like everyone else's & I wanted something different. Just use a quality enamel paint.
  5. omac

    Zelvy Carbon Rims - Any out there in RB land?

    Iv had 35s for over 1 year with no trouble, Im 105kg & Im a retired DHer, I mostly trail ride but I do ride Buller & race GE sometimes.
  6. omac

    worlds ugliest bike

    As soon as I read the title of this thread Mondraker was the first bike I thought of. I hate any bike with weird humps or unnecessary looking curves, I give you...
  7. omac

    Post your all mountain bike

    Nice bike Ive got a 727 Zesty & I fitted a DB inline shock to keep up with the pikes. The difference between the DB & the Fox is chalk n cheese
  8. omac

    Gravity Enduro

    I'm basically a retired DHer now riding AM/GE but at 39ys & 105 kg I'm not paying to ride uphill, I can do that for free when I trail ride with my buddy's. Looks like my racing days are over.
  9. omac

    K-EDGE Replacement Garmin Plastic Insert

    Thanks 99. I'll look into it.
  10. omac

    K-EDGE Replacement Garmin Plastic Insert

    So I had a small bingle today & the plastic clip in the K edge broke. After a search on google I've found nothing. Can anyone point me I the right direction ?
  11. omac

    NSW NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE, please remove. 2012 Santacruz v10 carbon - medium

    You need to put "Sold" in the title & then it will be deleted
  12. omac

    My FOX Float CTD Evolution has gone soft

    If your shock is 200x57? Iv got one you can borrow until you get yous back
  13. omac


    Wild Turkey 101 or Jack Daniels Old No.7 but Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey is by far my favorite.
  14. omac

    Rear hub suggestions!!

    I love my Chris Kings, if you've got the $$$ there well worth the money.
  15. omac

    servicing monster t fork

    I think it has a very small minor scratch but I was new to the sport (in 1999) & paranoid about it. I remember the new stanchion cost $400. When I get the chance I'll take a pic of the scratch to see if you still want it, I'd probably only want $50 plus post, its been sitting in the shed for 15...
  16. omac

    servicing monster t fork

    I haven't had Monster Ts for years but that's how I always did it, I've still got some 2002 Marzocchi Z1s on my old hard tail that I service using (almost)the same method. BTW I've still got a stanchion for a monster t if you ever need it.
  17. omac

    Narbethong Freeride track true or false

    This is the clip of my 1st attempt crash
  18. omac

    Narbethong Freeride track true or false

    Narby north shore vid Iv only just learnt how to upload to you tube lol