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    NSW Pivot 429 Trail XL rebuilt not SOLD

    Item: Pivot 429 Trail extra large. Location: Wollongong. Item Condition: Excellent, 3 months use. Reason for selling: Evil Wreckoning, cause I'm into 29ers now and wanted more travel. Price and price conditions: $2300 or so, buyer pays postage. Extra Info: I sized up on this, and ran a...
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    Intense Tracer2 XL w.27.5 kit SOLD

    Item: Extra Large Intense Tracer2 with 27.5 conversion dropouts. Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Mint, almost no use Reason for selling: Going 29er Price and price conditions: Sold pending payment. Extra Info: Got it to try sizing up from my large slopestyle2 and 27.5 thing, built it...
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    NSW Pivot Mach6 Large SOLD

    Item: Pivot Mach6 frame, size Large. Location: Wollongong. Item Condition: Excellent, not much use. Reason for selling: Wanted a frame slacker than the M6's 66 degree HA. Price and price conditions: $2300, will post at buyers cost. *Payment pending* Extra Info: Has a corset on the...
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    NSW Rock Shox Monarch+ rc3 216x63 SOLD

    Item: Rock Shox Monarch+ RC3 Debonair 216x63mm Location: Wollongong Item Condition: New, never used Reason for selling: Have a shock already Price and price conditions: $320 including post Extra Info: M/L tune, from a Transition Patrol Pictures:
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    Death of a Hero

    A hero died. Vo Nguyen Giap was a Vietnamese hero who fought against Japanese, French, Chinese and American imperialism, defeating them all with vigorous strength. He died in Hanoi at the young age of 102. One of the iconic photos of the war: Slightly less used: Our hero: Of...
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    Rockshox Lyric air spring pistons

    A couple of times now I've had trouble with my 2 step forks, and not with the travel adjust feature. They've become very soft, and not returned to full extension after a hit. Upon opening the forks and disassembling the air spring, I've found that the wave washer that sits under the snap ring of...
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    All mountain Intense Tracer VP

    My new all mountain bike. I really wanted the works finish, raw aluminium, rather than paint. Coming from a Santa Cruz Blur LT, the longer top tube is the most immediately noticeable difference, and welcome. Large frame weighed 3145g on my workstand scale. The wheels are old and a bit loose...
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    Another Socom

    I wanted a DH bike I'd get more use out of than just shuttles etc., so I built this Intense up about three months ago. I've been surprised at the extent I've been riding every where on it. Just get home, put on some shorts, grab my waterpack, and go. I don't ride around generally in 5-10s...