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  1. cicot

    Anyone from Wang? Trails?

    I'll be in Wangaratta every Wednesday night until the end of the year. I was wondering if there are any trails or gravel roads for a evening/night spin I also hope someone could show me around. I don't have a car. Thanks.
  2. cicot

    Trails at Big Hill Mt. Beauty

    I am planning my summer trip to Mt.Beauty and although on OSM there are few trails, I could not find any description on the net. Can somebody suggest me some nice descending singletrails at Big hill? Even better if you have a gps, as my understanding is that there is only a partial signage in...
  3. cicot

    Fainter track Falls Creek

    Has Anyone ridden this trail from Falls Creek to M.Beauty? I would like to ride this summer, but I would like to know if it is signed. is it just a fire road or a single track?
  4. cicot

    Ballarat this Saturday

    Hi there. I ll be in Ballarat tomorrow. Anyone who can show me around some nice st in the morning, otherwise I won't bother take the bike with me. I am also a bit out of shape but I am resilient.
  5. cicot

    [VIC] Orange red with 888

    I've just seen this bloke in front of crown in Melbourne cbd. Bold rear tyre. It seemed he is using it as a cool city bike. Bit dodgy.
  6. cicot

    which am bike for vic trails?

    I'm having hard times choosing my new rig. Problem is that I haven't ridden much around Victoria so I'm a bit concern about buying a long travel am bike if there won't be many trails to suit it. At the moment I'm deciding between the Bronson alloy or the Banshee Rune v2 but I only had the...
  7. cicot

    best price for x01 groupset and pikes 27,5

    Does anyone know where to buy x01 groupset and RS pikes 275 for a good price? thanks
  8. cicot

    Does anybody have a kind of sport insurance?

    I'm moving to australia in few months. Have you any suggestions for a insurance that would specifically cover sport injuries? Thanks