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  1. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Xup Freeride Festival Event Build

    Just thought i would throw up some photo highlights of the event build from the last week - we have finished the BMX line - the Slopestyle hits go in from jan 2nd - Feedback and comments please - OR - just be stoked - hope to see you at the event second feature...
  2. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Sweet footage from Luke Phillips

    Shorty and Jack ripping up GV - the slopestyle line is almost there..
  3. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Xup - Australia's Freeride Festival 2013

    Its all happening January 18th - 20th on the Central Coast, NSW ( Warnervale) FMB World Tour 2013 Slopestyle MTB Competition - Silver Event - Pro and AM - $10k Prize Pool - First Tour Stop for 2013. BMX Dirt Jump Competition - Pro and Am - $10K Prize Pool On the sickest competition course to...
  4. Greenvalleys Freeride

    GV hits

    Shorty Gilyeat with a MASSIVE seat grab Ivan Piloti with a tailwhip
  5. Greenvalleys Freeride

    big drop to kicker

    thought you guys might like this
  6. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Dane Searls Memorial Show - Sat 31st March - 18+ event

    Here it is , get behind it and come check it out..
  7. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Gravity Festival Central Coast

    Hey guys, Gravity Festival - under 18 event raising funds for a variety of good causes with a tribute show by oz's top bmx riders on a sick setup. Live music , stalls , rides heaps of giveaways..
  8. Greenvalleys Freeride

    GV MTB Park- Track work and build days

    Just thought i would start a thread to show features that are finished or under construction.. please leave feedback and suggestions for features.. Other photo's or examples for your suggestions would be good.. I will also start posting in here for build days that are coming up , but you will...
  9. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Off with the training wheels

  10. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Lower GV

    Council approval is a process i never thought would drag out as long as it has.. - Lower Greenvalleys will have the big hits.. we are experimenting
  11. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Re Build of a Step down

    New , Improved and Un named :cool:
  12. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Discounts for CCOMTB at The Tall Timbers Hotel

    Just a reminder that if you drop into The Tall Timbers Hotel you get discounts on food and drink - all you need to show is your MTBA membership card.. use it and abuse it :) Nick
  13. Greenvalleys Freeride

    spills and thrills on a hot sunday

    comment if you like
  14. Greenvalleys Freeride

    green dream underway
  15. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Short clip of GV freeirde

    Short helmet cam footage of some freeride features at GV.. its in m4v format.
  16. Greenvalleys Freeride

    The Beast

    Minimum 15ft drop to sweet step up..
  17. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Greenvalleys proposal - council meeting shellarbour - tuesday 19th october

    So its finally arrived.. I get to address council on their issues with the proposal.. Have a look at the document.. here is the link.. it starts on page 124 Input from people on this forum would...
  18. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Free wood for building

    If any one wants some free wood perfect for northshore building. I've got some that you can have for free.. Its at my pub - The Tall Timbers Hotel , 15 Pacific Hwy Ourimbah. Its from an old fence i pulled down .. I just can't get it down to Greenvalleys, so any one who wants it, can have...
  19. Greenvalleys Freeride

    wall ride

    wall ride almost completed , just got to finish off the entry bay... [/IMG]
  20. Greenvalleys Freeride

    Some july action at GV