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  1. TheAzza

    FOUND Munted Sunrace Mx8 11-46 or 50 cassette (need 13t cog)

    Item: I just need the 13t cog off one of these cassettes. Location:posted from anywhere Item Condition: working order. Not slipping like mine. Price and price conditions: cheap. Extra Info: I clearly spend too much time in the 13t (second smallest) cog on my cassette and it has started to slip...
  2. TheAzza

    The Insurgency (Evil Insurgent LB)

    A great deal came up on MTBdirect recently and my wife wanted a trip to Bali so I made a deal with the devil and she authorised the purchase of a new Insurgent frame. Swapped all the gear over from the Nomad and took her up to Eaton’s for her maiden voyage and man does she slay. She wants to...
  3. TheAzza

    VIC FOUND Short Banjo Bolt for Shimano Caliper

    Item: 2 x short Banjo bolt for Shimano Caliper Location: anywhere Price range/Willing to Pay: 5-10 bucks. Extra Info: cannot find these anywhere. Need to put Zee Calipers on SLX banjos. Please help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. TheAzza

    VIC FOUND Nomad V3 axles

    Item: Nomad V3 Axles Location: Australia - Post Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition - let me know what you have! Extra Info: Before I buy an axle kit new just thought I would see if anyone has any kicking around. Mine are fairly cooked so reasonable condition secondhand would be...
  5. TheAzza

    Stealth Santa Cruz DVOmad CC V3

    Retired my much loved Rune V2 last night and built up the beast below. If it rides 90% as well as it looks then i will be a happy camper. Frame - Santa Cruz Nomad CC V3 Rear shock - DVO Topaz Front shock/fork - DVO Diamond 160mm Handlebars - Spank Spike Vibrocore Stem - Joystick Binary 35mm...
  6. TheAzza

    VIC SOLD Price Drop KS Lev Integra (stealth) 125mm 30.9

    Item: KS Lev Integra 125mm drop, 30.9 post with remote Location: Mornington Item Condition: Good. Couple of extremely small nicks in top of stanchion on back side. Too small to cause issue. Reason for selling: went 150mm OneUp Price and price conditions: $195 posted Aus wide Extra Info: Was...
  7. TheAzza

    Sold Sold VP Harrier DH5 Pedals

    Item: VP Harrier DH5 Pedals Location: Mornington Item Condition: Used for a short period after warranty replacement. Few scratches. Reason for selling: Chromags Price and price conditions: $50.00 + shipping Extra Info: The DH5 are the version with the AFC (Axial Force Control) to stop play...
  8. TheAzza

    Sold Sold Kali Avatar Full Face Helmet - Medium

    Item: Kali Avatar Full Face Helmet - Medium (see size chart, but my head is a little over 58cm and it fit me well). Also comes with spare visor. Location: Mornington Item Condition: Used for maybe 4 or 5 shuttle days, never crashed. Not stinky at all. Reason for selling: Proframe Price and...
  9. TheAzza

    VIC Sold Magic Mary 27.5x2.35, Addix Soft, Snakeskin, Tubeless Ready

    Item: Magic Mary 27.5x2.35, Addix Soft, Snakeskin, Tubeless Ready Location: Mornington Item Condition: Brand new in box. Never opened. Reason for selling: Went Maxxis Price and price conditions: $60.00 plus shipping Extra Info: Can be picked up in Mornington VIC. Pictures:
  10. TheAzza

    VIC Sold Spank Oozy Trail 345 Factory Wheelset 27.5, 142x12

    Item: Spank Oozy Trail 345 Wheelset 27.5” 142x12, 100x15, with endcaps for QR and 20mm front. Spank Oozy Straightpull Hubs. 10 spare spokes and nipples. Location: Mornington Vic Item Condition: Purchased in Jan this year. Couple of dings in rear, as pictured, but still running virtually true...
  11. TheAzza

    MTB Direct Stocking Banshee = stoked

    Just got an email saying MTB Direct are now stocking Banshee frames. This is good news as Banshee and MTB Direct are two of my favourite bike things...
  12. TheAzza

    VIC Pike RCT3 Low Speed Compression Knob

    Item: Pike RCT3 Low Speed Compression Knob Location: Post would work Price range/Willing to Pay: can buy a full assembly for about 43 bucks, but only need the Low Speed. Extra Info: Hoping someone has a LSC Knob kicking around. I think the SID and Revelation one is also the same. Lost mine...
  13. TheAzza

    VIC FOUND- Shimano SLX M675 R/H brake lever or front brake complete

    Item: m675-B (iSpec B) brake lever or complete brake in good working order. Location: Melbourne or posted Price range/Willing to Pay: 20-50 Extra Info: Just need replacement lever, but complete front brake would also work. XT would also work. But needs iSpec B
  14. TheAzza

    VIC SOLD Swap. Renthal Apex 31mm (31.8mm Clamp) stem for 35mm long stem.

    Item: Renthal Apex 31mm Stem with 31.8mm clamp. Location: Mornington Item Condition: Perfect, with minimal use. Reason for selling: Want 35mm length stem (31.8mm clamp). Price and price conditions: Not selling yet, want to see if someone has a high end 35mm stem (Hope, Chromag etc...) in...
  15. TheAzza

    VIC Sold. Continental Mountain King 2 Protection 27.5

    Item: 2x Continental Mountain King Protection 27.5 x 2.4 Location: Mornington VIC Item Condition: Used, very little Reason for selling: Bought off a Facebook group a few days ago and not a fan so just trying to recoup some money. Price and price conditions: $55 for both shipped as long as...
  16. TheAzza

    VIC Sold

    Item: SOLD Rockshox Reverb External 125mm Drop, 30.9 dia x 380mm long. Hose 1130mm. Location: Mornington VIC Item Condition: Fair to Poor Reason for selling: New post Price and price conditions: $70.00 plus shipping Extra Info: Post has been fairly reliable apart from blowing the seal head...
  17. TheAzza

    VIC SOLD pending Fox DHX RC4 216x63mm (8.5x2.5) with 400lbs Ti Spring

    Item: Fox DHX RC4 216x63mm (8.5x2.5") with 400lbs Ti Spring Location: Mornington Vic Item Condition: Used, but very good apart from a scratch on the bottom out control knob. I actually put it there so I could count turns, but my light scoring got out of hand. Bought shock as new old stock...
  18. TheAzza

    VIC 26" Rear Wheel with 14mm Bolt up Axle

    Item: 26" Rear Wheel with 14mm Bolt Up Axle Location: Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula Price range/Willing to Pay: Cheap cheap ($50 or less) Extra Info: Recently adopted an NS Street Legal that I want to clean up, but have no rear wheel. Would prefer something fairly straight with not dings...
  19. TheAzza

    Mt Baw Baw Accommodation Suggestions

    Heading up to Mt Baw Baw this coming weekend and am checking out accommodation. Was thinking of camping, but I can't seem to find any campsites nearby that are accessible by car. have shot WF Waters lodge an email, but thought I would ask here if anyone has any suggestions. I did do a search...
  20. TheAzza

    Hope E4 Caliper Contacting Mount with 180m rotor

    Hoping some Hope fanboys can help me out here with a minor annoyance. I have been running the E4's for a while now on my Banshee Rune V2 and when installing did not notice any issue, but have just noticed that the front end of the rear caliper is contacting the frame/adaptor where the IS...