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  1. swaz


    Item: Giant Trance Advance 1 MEDIUM Location: Central Coast, NSW Item Condition: Hardly used. <300km Reason for selling: Not riding it and don't see myself getting the time to ride it anytime soon. Price and price conditions: $3900. $3700 Extra Info: Has a KS Lev 125mm post and KS lever rather...
  2. swaz

    NSW G-form elbow pads L

    Item: G-Form elbow pads in Medium Location: Central Coast, NSW but will pay for postage Item Condition: used Reason for selling: No selling, buying! Price and price conditions: Used please! Extra Info: Before I pull the trigger on some brand new ones, would like to continue my trend of buying...
  3. swaz

    Fox Evol question

    A 5 min job of putting in a volume spacer into my Fox Float Evol on my 2017 Giant Trance 1 turned into an hour and a half issue because when I undid the shock it shot down towards the bottom eyelet making it almost impossible to easily screw back on once the new volume spacer is in there. When...
  4. swaz

    NSW Shimano brakes

    After some Shimano hydraulic brakes for my sons bike. He is 7 so don't need anything fancy, just functional and fairly priced. Item: Shimano disc brakes Location: NSW but postage is good Item Condition: used please Reason for buying: Son needs hydro brakes. Just coz Price and price conditions...
  5. swaz

    Product Review IXS Flow knee pads

    Item: IXS Flow Knee pads Purchased From: online Purchase Price (approx): $85 (I think) Usage: XC and light DH Pros - fit well and look nice. Kept my knees warm whilst riding in Derby in the middle of winter. Very easy to get on and off (have to remove shoes of course) not overly bulky when not...
  6. swaz

    Five Ten Kestrel width

    I have a semi-wide foot. Last shoes I bought were Shimano XC30's in 46 to get some extra width, but they are a bit long... I really want some Five Ten Kestrel Lace and am wondering how they go width wise?
  7. swaz

    NSW Soldy sold sold

    Item: Giant Contact SL Dropper 125mm drop 30.8 diameter 395 overall length Location: Central Coast NSW Item Condition: 3 rides old. Perfect condition as you can see by the photos. Some small marks I've shown on the collar. Perfect working order and I have cleaned out the crap grease they put...
  8. swaz

    2014 Trek Superfly 7 size

    After a geo chart for a 2014 Trek Superfly 7 HT 29er. I can't find anything online. Interested in an 18.5" frame size and want to compare it to a current ride. Can anyone help me out?
  9. swaz

    Giant TRX composite wheel decals

    Any idea where I could buy some from. My interwebs search has not brought me any joy
  10. swaz

    24" or 26" bike for the kids

    Item: 24 or 26 inch bike Location: Central Coast NSW Price range/Willing to Pay:$0-$300 Extra Info: I'm chasing a 24" bike (perfeably) rigid or xs hard tail for my 9 and 7 year old. Will be for xmas so I'm getting in early. They're roughly 130cm tall and do almost all their riding on the...
  11. swaz

    knees but no elbows

    protection is what I'm talking about! Noticing that more than a few riders both locally and on the interwebs that riders are ring with knee pads but no elbow pads or vice versa. Mostly though it's knee pads only? Anyone care to suggest why? If I think pads are necessary I wear both not just...
  12. swaz

    Parking @ Syd airport

    Going to Derby in the 2nd week of the holidays. Flying out at sparrowfart Sunday morning (rookie mistake #1) so catching a train isn't possible. Parking at the airport costs more than the flights, forget that. Parking at a parking station is expensive $100 for 5 days but doable. Any...
  13. swaz

    Giant Veer 20" kids chain type

    I need to buy chains for the kids steeds. They are 20" Giant Veer/ XTC with the 3 speed internally geared rear hub. I haven't counted links and there is no indication on the current chain of it's type/size. Would anyone know? Need to beef up an online order...
  14. swaz

    Mount Annan

    I am quite possibly missing the obvious, but I've been to the website + Facebook page and can't find any info about the trails. Specifically if they are open or not after the rain. Anyone know?
  15. swaz

    NSW WTB: 24" kids bike + 26"

    Item: 2x 24" MTB's plus an alloy 26er for the wife (medium) Location: NSW. Road tripping to the south coast and maybe Canberra this weekend Price range/Willing to Pay: depends, nothing over $150 each though Extra Info: After 2x 24" kids MTB's. Preferably with disc brakes and no front...
  16. swaz

    NSW Helmet w/removeable chin bar

    Item: A helmet w/removable chin bar, please Location: Australia Price range/Willing to Pay: $150 Extra Info: Size L for my noggin
  17. swaz

    Helmet w/removeable chin bar

    Chasing a helmet for my ample noggin which is 59cm all the way around!
  18. swaz

    Product Review ISI 2 bike carrier 2x4x4

    Item: ISI 2 bike carrier Purchased From: ISI direct Purchase Price (approx): RRP nearly $800 for the package I had Usage: Mostly highway, suburbs. Some off road fire trails Pros – Well built. You wont break it Australian made steel, design and build. Powder coated Can replace certain...
  19. swaz

    G Form knee and elbow pads

    Scored a screaming deal on some Fox Launch Pro knee and elbow pads from an RBer, I've been eyeing off these for general cross country, exploring new areas and pushing the limit on known trails. Experiences? Thoughts?
  20. swaz


    After some knee and elbow pads that are M/L or L Send me a message or reply to this message if you have something to sell