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  1. juliancantride

    Nationals Round 5 4x Pics

    Just a couple of pics from the 4x with my crappy digital camera.
  2. juliancantride

    Stiff steering

    I installed my headset about a week and a half ago now. At first the steering was a little bit stiff eg. when you spin the bars around they dont spin freely, they stop about a quarterway around. At first I thought this would just go away after I wore it in a bit but the problem has persisted...
  3. juliancantride

    Farkin T Shirts

    Hey all, I've seen a few people with Farkin T shirts and I was just wondering where they got them from. Cheers, Julian
  4. juliancantride

    Pike 454 problem

    Just finished building my bike and just rode it down to the shops and back, my problem is that when I compress my fork, an 08 Rockshox Pike 454, it makes a noise like air is coming out. Should this be something to worry about or will it eventually go away?
  5. juliancantride

    My Suburban

    Here's my 08 Suburban: Specs: Frame-08 NS Suburban Fork-Rockshox Pike 454 Rear Rim-Mavic EX729 Front Rim-Maric EX721 Rear Hub-Hope Pro 2 SS Front Hub-Halo Spindoctor 20mm Stem-Fly Bikes Bars-Gusset Prison Seat Fit Bike Co Tyres-Table Tops Cranks-Profile Pedals-NS Legeaters I'll...
  6. juliancantride

    Cold forging/welding cranks

    Just wondering if this happens very often?
  7. juliancantride

    CRC Problem

    About a month ago, I made a big order of CRC. About a week later, I got some forms from customs to fill out about import declaration etc. I filled them out and sent them of. About a week after this, I received another set of forms from customs and Australia post saying that they've got my stuff...
  8. juliancantride

    Bottom Brackets

    Just wondering is their anyway to run bmx cranks on a 73mm bottom bracket??
  9. juliancantride

    2008 last

    Does anyone have any pics of the 2008 last frames? The ones on the site are the 07 ones:confused:
  10. juliancantride


    With disk brakes, can one brake lever fit both 25.4mm and 22.2mm handlebars?
  11. juliancantride

    Purple Frames

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a purple DJ frame, horizontal dropouts and preferabbly Cro-mo. So far I've found the Leaf D-One, does anyone know of any other purple frames. Cheers.
  12. juliancantride

    Purple Argyles

    Just found this on pinkbike, anyone know when they're coming out?
  13. juliancantride

    spoke intersections

    I was just wondering how many spoke intersections is on a typical dj/street rim. Oh yeah, 36 spokes as well.
  14. juliancantride

    orange rims

    Does anyone know of any orange rims? I know that the 08 maniks come with orange singletracks but I don't think you can purchase them seperately, I will be using them for dirt jumping and street so they have to be fairly strong. And yes I have done a search.
  15. juliancantride

    bmx cranks, mtb bb?

    Hello, I was just wondering if BMX cranks fit a 68mm bottom bracket, one person told me that they do, and another person told me that they dont so I'm a bit :confused:
  16. juliancantride

    samoon Has anyone heard of these frames and does anyone know of anyone who owns one?
  17. juliancantride


    Hey guys, I am building up my first street/4x bike. I have some specs in mind but I was hoping to see if there were, in your opinion, any better parts out there. I am looking to spend around $2200, and trying to get it around 13-14kg. Here are my specs I have so far: Frame:NS Bitch 08...
  18. juliancantride

    First BMX

    Hey guys, I've decided I want to buy a BMX. This will be my first BMX and I have no experience in deciding which BMX. I was wondering what to look for in a decent BMX, and any details on a decent, reliable BMX's under $500 would be good to:) Cheers, Julian
  19. juliancantride

    Spirit Distributions

    Does anyone know what the website for Spirit Ditributions is? I thought it was but it's not working at the moment:confused:
  20. juliancantride

    Hydro brakes

    Might sound like a stupid question but can anyone enlighten me on how hydraulic disc brakes work?:confused: And I have done a search.