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  1. joelhein

    the best riding music?

    hey guys and girls. was just wondering what we all listen to when going for a good ride? either free ride or DH thanks joel
  2. joelhein

    cleaning breaks

    Hey guys, i have blown my forks and gotten fork oil all over my front rotor and rim. does anyone no of any ways to clean the rotor? because all the break does now is squicks and is sh$t full. thanks heaps . joel
  3. joelhein

    how much oil?

    i am servicing my 888 vf2 forks and was just wonder on exactly how much oil i will need to use? thanks for any help.
  4. joelhein

    Local upper beaconsfield riders.

    Who live around Upper Beaconsfield or any close by ereas that are keen to come and help me and my mates out on building our new track... we have built about 15 second section atm and still have PLENTY of hill left. any one interested? thanks joel
  5. joelhein

    Songs for a chilled out vid

    Hey guys, i am after a song that is an acoustic style of music i am adding it to a smooth chilled section in the free ride vid. any ideas? xx
  6. joelhein

    making a movieeee

    hey guys & girls. me and a few mates are gonna make a full on movie like a fairly long one, but we need some ideas for songs to match with the footage? anyone no of some good songs we could use?
  7. joelhein

    rear shock service

    i have a fox DHX 3.0 and just put it in to get serviced. the shop have had my bike for a week now and still havent herd from them. how long does it normally take to get the shock serviced? thanks guys
  8. joelhein

    new rider in town =]

    g'day guys. im new to fakin and was just wanting to say hey. i ride a 06 norco atomik custom build, but it is getting serviced(N) i build my own trails and got 4 at the moment. catch ya x