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  1. evObda2

    NSW Five Ten - Maltese Falcon SPD Shoes - SOLD PENDING

    Item: Five Ten - Maltese Falcon SPD Shoes Location: Sydney Item Condition: New, never worn. Reason for selling: Got given as gift but old ones are still running sweet, so no real need. Price and price conditions: $100 + postage (RRP:$150) Extra Info: US10, UK9, EU43. Prefer local pickup...
  2. evObda2

    XT Trail pads

    Just wondering if everyone else's XT trails pads are the same as this.. Just seems the pad doesn't sit all the way down on the piston? Its obvious in there correctly.. just thought it would be a bit more "perfect" than this? Or have i got like xtr pads or something simple like that...
  3. evObda2

    Norco Fluid 2.0 - Going cheap!!!! SOLD

    Selling on behalf of a friend.. for all communication please call Steve on 0402 569 738 Item: Norco Fluid 2.0 - 19"/Large Location: Wollongong/Sydney Item Condition: Great! hardly ridden Reason for selling: Now riding AM, too many bikes that don't get ridden Price and price conditions...
  4. evObda2

    Commencal Supreme CG Edition - SOLD

    Selling on behalf of a friend.. for all communication please call Steve on 0402 569 738 Item: Commencal Surpreme CG Team Edition - Medium Location: Wollongong/Sydney Item Condition: Great. Usual marks from being ridden, couple of small blemishes Reason for selling: Riding AM, to many...
  5. evObda2

    NSW SOLD Commencal Meta4 - XO, Fox, CK, Elixir Carbon, Selle SLR etc

    Item: Commencal Meta4 - medium size (Frame is 07 Model, rest of parts are used approx 20 times since new) Location: Sydney Item Condition: Great, frame has a few rub marks from use. Reason for selling: Going AM Price and price conditions: $1600 Runs like a dream. Always well maintained...
  6. evObda2

    Orange 224 - SOLD

    FINAL BUMP!!!!! Absolutely dialled top end frame going for peanuts. Item: 07/08 Orange 224 - Non adj headset model Location: Sydney Item Condition: Superb! Freshly coated in Candy Blue powdercoat. Reason for selling: Hasn't barely been ridden in the last 2 years.. going AM Price and...
  7. evObda2


    Item: Saint 170mm cranks Location: Sydney Item Condition: Great! Run perfectly. Couple of marks where those damn shuttle trailers marked them and a couple marks on the ends but other than that they run near new. I hardly rub my cranks so "SAINT" logo is still pretty good. Reason for selling...
  8. evObda2

    Saint Brakes - SOLD

    Item: Shimano Saint Brakes w/ braided lines Location: Sydney Item Condition: Perfect! Couple of tiny marks but other than that you could nearly pass them off as brand new!! They work better than new and semi-metalic pads still have plenty on them. Easily the best and most reliable Dh brake on...
  9. evObda2

    Deemax Ultimates - SOLD

    Item: Deemax Ultimates Location: Sydney Item Condition: Perfect! No dings, no buckles, freewheel just serviced. Wheels run superb. Barely ridden! Only a couple very small rub marks etc. So suit new-ish buyer. Reason for selling: No time for Dh going AM Price and price conditions: $700...
  10. evObda2

    Elka Boxxer WC Forks - SOLD

    Final bump! Item: 2010 Boxxer WC w/ custom Elka dampener. Custom Graphics. Location: Sydney Item Condition: Great! Minimal use. Meticulously maintained. Couple of tiny rub marks. Reason for selling: Hardly ridden DH over the last 2 years (dozen times if that?). So braking up the bike...
  11. evObda2

    Replacing the fleet with a single Trail/AM bike! But which one..

    As title suggests.. I'm looking to replace my complete fleet (Dh, Xc, 4x, Bmx) with a single bike i can ride just about anywhere. As I'm no longer racing any Dh or getting enough time to ride Dh, practicality is now on the cards. So it needs to be able to still (lightly) hammer down some rough...
  12. evObda2

    Current rides

    Thought id throw up my current rides.. All of them get ridden as much as possible depending on what is happening during the weekend. As i live in the city now i have to travel out for any riding (especially Dh my main bike) so having the one bike was limiting my total ride time. So depending...
  13. evObda2

    Shimano Gold/Black Chainring bolt

    Item: Gold/Black shimano chainring bolt - star hex type Location: Petersham, Syd Item Condition: new Reason for wanting: need another one more because i have a 5 hole spider, and need the shimano one because its slightly longer and fits my nice new chainring Price and price conditions: less...
  14. evObda2

    XC Carnage!

    haha awsome!
  15. evObda2

    Velogear Online Store - Word of Warning!!!

    Im not often a fan of burning stores as things do happen.. And as someone who knows the industry very well i realise that not everything can always go to plan. However, When a company provides extremely bad service its in the interest of others so that it doesnt happen to them. Long story...
  16. evObda2

    New pedals anyone?

    For those of you where no pedal is strong enough.. The Tioga mono-block! :confused:
  17. evObda2

    DH Head angles

    Just curious what head-angles people are running out there? Obviously most of the bikes come with a set head angle, but there are now some (like my Orange 224) where this can be adjusted slightly. Ride reports may be interesting depending on what head-angle you prefer, what bike etc and why..
  18. evObda2

    Current rides.. Booya!

    Thought id post up a couple pics of my current rides, now my new DH bike is together.. Very happy with how the 224 rides with its new spec compared to my old 223 (which was still great). Elka shock seems to be working great too.. just a few more tweaks and it should be dialled pretty quick. Bit...
  19. evObda2

    All UCI Mtb Coverage to now be free! "With immediate effect all UCI Cross-Country, 4X and Downhill World Cup LIVE webcasts and replays will be accessible without need to purchase an access code, in an unprecedented move to continue the growth of...
  20. evObda2

    old news - mods please delete

    Sourced from Pinkbike, which the original post was from MTBR i believe.. Its a post made by a angry supposed ex employ of Ironhorse. Not sure if its all 100% true or even just a hoax.. if its true id hate to own an IH right now.. Source...