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    New again newbie

    Hey guys, I'm from Canberra. Joined this forum a while back when I was first getting into a bit of XC. Did it a little bit on then off and on again before I took a fairly big break. Starting to get back into it again so thought I'd say hi again. Looking to get a few things for my bike with a...
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    Rear brake problem

    Hey guys, I currently have a Giant Alias 2010 model with a Shimano 'BL-M486' rear brake (from what i can see). I managed to have a bit of a stack over the weekend which was big enough to knock the handlebars out of alignment (where the stem joins with the headset). It may have also bent the...
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    newbie from canberra

    Hi guys, just saying hi. Im from canberra, have been on a road bike for the last 5 or so years and looking at getting a mountain bike and getting back into it :) Still at uni full time and working during the week as well. A friend has a Giant Alias aluxx 6000 that he bought back in 2010...