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  1. TonyMax

    Racing - Mt Gladstone Cooma November 2017

    I'm not involved with running this but it's my home mountain and a great place to ride.
  2. TonyMax

    ACT SOLD: 2015 Avanti Torrent S7.2 Large

    Item: 2015 Avanti Torrent S7.2 Size L Location: Canberra Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: Too Many Bikes Price and price conditions: $1,990 (make an offer) Extra Info: Grab a bargain! Excess to my needs and very lightly ridden, this great NZ-designed Enduro bike presents as...
  3. TonyMax

    MTB Wear - Lycra vs. Other

    From another thread: I started as a roadie three or four years ago. Most of the time I wear Lycra. So when I started MTBing this year I just put the Lycra on to ride a bike like I always do. The "chamois" is probably making 2.5 hour rides more comfortable on my arse for the portion that I'm...
  4. TonyMax

    Shoes - Northwave Scream SRS vs. Shimano M089

    With a birthday coming up I'm spending money I don't have yet, and tossing up between these: Shimano M089 vs. Northwave Scream SRS. Shimanos I can get for sub $57 (Merlin), Northwaves under $102 (Wiggle). I have Northwave SRS road shoes which I like and they're quite comfortable...
  5. TonyMax

    Stuff I Need vs. Stuff I Want!

    Everyone knows that upgradeitis is a terrible affliction, as is the desire to have *all* the things. So I'm trying to prioritise MTB stuff to buy because I have caviar tastes on a popcorn budget. I probably don't really *need* anything else at the moment as I'm quite successfully heading...
  6. TonyMax

    What's your one technique tip for a newbie to MTB?

    I've recently bought my first MTB (29er hardtail) after a few years of recent road cycling and many years of riding kids bikes long ago during a misspent youth when our house backed onto "the bush". I think what I'm currently doing could loosely be termed Cross Country? As part of my triathlon...
  7. TonyMax

    Rank N00b from Cooma

    Hi All, I bought a hardtail 29er as I live near Cooma and have a sheetload of fire trails near my house. MTB is good cross training for triathlon which I started over the summer just gone. Shame shame most of the fire trails across the highway are private property and stupidly steep, and...