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  1. evObda2

    Epic Mountain Bikin Road Trips

    Absolutely spot on.. An anyone who owns a jeep and likes it or says is reliable is simply lying. The hard slog of a journey will just make the riding even better!!
  2. evObda2

    Knee pad suggestions

    Another +1 for Dianese Trailskins. Always been a fan of there gear, but never liked knee pads etc in general. Haven't had any complaints with these yet and are very well made.
  3. evObda2

    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Will soon.. is having a few parts changed over. So once i do that ill post it up.
  4. evObda2

    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Funnily enough was just wondering if id like an RTS to match my LE! :lol:
  5. evObda2

    Where do you get your Ti stem bolts?

    Never had a Ti bolt fail, and have been used from dh bikes to xc, slalom, bmx.. etc etc But i don't buy them for the weight.. more because they are often much better machined. Most steel ones i just don't find to be quiet the same quality. Nothing wrong with them at all.. just a personal...
  6. evObda2

    Old bike projects

    The Vintage Mountain Bike thread in this forum would be a good start..
  7. evObda2

    Using Proxies for USA shipping

    Use Their service is great. Its just a good working easy to use system. Used them numerous times all went well.
  8. evObda2

    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Any good articles on Hans Ray or other team GT stuff?
  9. evObda2

    New Ibis Enduro Racer Debuts at La Thuile EWS

    Wouldn't think id ever need to upgrade from my current Mojo HD… but that may have just changed!
  10. evObda2

    Riding in regional/country NSW

    We stopped of at Tumut last time on our way to Thredbo.. Not a bad little xc trail network, and somewhere not usually visited by most. Some pretty fun flowey trail!
  11. evObda2

    HYDRATION/BACKPACK MEGATHREAD - all questions on packs for riding asked/answered here

    Osprey & Deuter would be my pics. And that goes for packs in general. Im running with the Deuter Air Exp10. Liked it so much i went and also bought a 26L Deuter air as a general day pack.
  12. evObda2

    All Mountain Tyres

    Not sure if they are really the equivalent of each other with the sizes you've quoted.. The HansDampf & RockRazor run big for size, the RockRazor does have similar small knobs in the centre but thats the only thing in common with the Larson which is purely a XC tyre, while the RocRazor has...
  13. evObda2

    The Vintage Mountain Bike Thread.

    Must be some 223's out there somewhere.. all in sheds maybe with a few cracks..?
  14. evObda2

    Fox 32's Beefy Enough?

    You'll appreciate the greater stiffness of 34-36mm forks. 32mm are built more for weight savings and tend to flex quiet a bit when pushed hard.
  15. evObda2

    xtr rear mech destroyed

    Just buy a new cage for it. Sounds like a rock or twig etc may have flicked up.
  16. evObda2

    Orange Five?

    It shouldn't be that expensive to pick up an Orange 5 frame. Build it up with a moderate spec should be comparative to any other decent alloy bike. They get rave reviews, and although some think they look and are outdated, they really come under the banner of "it it works then don't change it"...
  17. evObda2

    Bos Vipr airshock

    The above seems to contradict a lot of reviews out there.. BOS often have very good compression control I've found. Sounds like the tune may have been possibly out a touch? Personally i think the new BOS Kirk is a better option if you can get one. More suited the trail/AM/Enduro rather than...
  18. evObda2

    Prototype 27.5" Nukeproof Mega

    They are 27.5 for that bike (ie. isn't his usual Dh rig).
  19. evObda2

    bos vip'r hardware kit

    NS Dynamics can get BOS stuff for you
  20. evObda2

    Finished! Pink/Purple Single Track Eater...

    Purple Ti spokes would have made it real purty..