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  1. Smooth King

    Sunday Factory Stickerkit.

    Hey all! Iv been searching for some time now. Looked everywhere. Sent emails and cant seem to find anyone who sells or gotten back to me about 'Ironhorse Sunday Factory Stickerkit'. Iv emailed Ironhorse Bikes. Havnt had a Reply. Also another company (which ive fergot) who didnt have it also...
  2. Smooth King

    Follow Me Teaser...

    Just cruising around the Internet and found this. 'Follow Me' Teaser... Finally the big one! The official trailer for Anthill's new HD mountain bike film, Follow Me. World premiere April 16th Monterey California. Coming to DVD and iTunes May 2010 For anyone who hasnt seen it, here it is ...
  3. Smooth King

    Dux Project..

    Hey All.. Here is a vid i just put together couple of days ago. I dont really like it that much, got couple other stuff i want to try out. Probly do another edit during the week or so. Rider: LilCalo (Myself) at Local.
  4. Smooth King

    Only two..

    Hey All.. Been a while since iv posted up some Photo's so thought id show 2 that got Snapped of me Week or so Ago.. Cheers to Sudah for the Photo's and Toby for bringing out the Camera. :) Tell me what you think.. Cheers
  5. Smooth King

    Black Screen of Death. Nokia N95.

    Hey all. Well iv been Googling and Searching about ways to fix my Nokia N95 8gb that suddenly stopped working the other day. I was out riding yesterday (as stupid as it sounds dew to the rain) and had my phone put in my bag. I pulled it out late afternoon at home to check it and noticed my...
  6. Smooth King

    VIC Custom 07 Giant Glory 8 Split.. SOLD !

    SOLD !!! please delete..
  7. Smooth King

    The Get Low Thread...

    Low ?? Rider: Hayden Williams
  8. Smooth King

    I Just want Woop Woop..

    Just a little Vid i put together. Rider is Myself. I had the flew all weekend so felt like sh*t... Thanks to Timmo and jake for filming...
  9. Smooth King

    Yard Session 31.5.09

    Hey all. Been a while since i posted up any pictures so here is a few from today. Backyard session with all different little opsticles to try things off. I had a fullface for the Day as i went Dh'ing day earlier and was all i had.. Warning: Epic Face pulls.. Riders: Bmx - Matty P (Should...
  10. Smooth King

    VIC 07 Giant Glory 8 (NOW SPLITTING !!) SOLD !!!!

    SOLD !!! please delete..
  11. Smooth King

    Sydney Tour...

    Hey all. In January i went back to my home town of Shire !. Met up with all my good riding mates up there and went out for alot of sessions. I got a Vid camera for Christmas so i did a fair bit of filming while i was up there. Shot at Thiroul and bushland behind my Grandperents. Did go riding...
  12. Smooth King

    Jp Re-Edit.

    Hey all. I did a quick Re-Edit of my Recent Vid on Jake. I was bored cause Melbourne was hammering with rain so descided to have abit of fun. Check it out.
  13. Smooth King

    J.p 10309

    Hey all. Here is another attempt of a movie i did. Its of a Mate of mine. Turned out alright, besides the odd glitch and blurr but had fun doing it. Take a look: Comment me on tips. Complements or anything. Cheers Calo
  14. Smooth King

    Interschools Mt Buller. Form Sheet + Info.

    Hey all. I had a search. All i could find was Threads and Links for the NSW Interschools at Thredbo. I have been told Mt Buller will be holding The Southern Interschools this year but i have no info what so ever to try work stuff out. I'm trying to get my school to help us out with going...
  15. Smooth King

    Ultimate Mid Air Bail !! (Not for the weak of heart)

    Hey all. This is a video Of my Older brother (David/Bigcal2233). He crashed pretty bad late last week and we happened to have it on video. He did bail out, came out with broken derailer, twisted chain, grazed elbows, grazed stomach and cronic bruise to the knee. :o None the less hes fine...
  16. Smooth King

    Smooth King Promotional Vid.

    Hey all. So ive watched alot of Video's. Had a alot of Insperation through Kane's Vids. (Your crazy Filmer). Mines not as good as his !! So thought ide make myself my own. It went alright. Except the lines throught the screen in some shots. None the less it goes ok. Enjoy...
  17. Smooth King

    Buller Nationals !! Who's going ?

    Hey all. As everyone probly noes. Mt Buller Nationals is coming up at the End of January. I myself should be there, have heard a few rumours that a few quick boys will be there to. Should be a good National round ! Who's heading out ?
  18. Smooth King

    Went home..

    Hey all. Well over Christmas, New Years and somewhat over January. I returned to my home town of 'Le Shire' and met up with my Old riding mates. Deffinetly the boys up there gathered some speed and potential over the Past year. Here are some of the most decent photo's we had gathered...
  19. Smooth King

    Another Session..

    Went for another session Yesterday. Was quick and short as we had to bail early as was getting abit hot. People started hurting themselves so we went back to my Mates house. The trail is Critch as i posted a while back. Jumps and Fly Out are in my Mates Backyard. Complements and Your...
  20. Smooth King

    E13 LG1 on Glory. Quick Question ?

    Hey All. Sorry to be a pain in the ass but my mates in a Hurry and needs to know the answer to this. Hes in the Process of buying an E13 LG1 with Taco. But isnt Sure what ISCG mount to buy. I have a funny feeling its an 05 but can anyone Clarify this ? Cheers Michael