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  1. dcrofty

    Ay Up Batteries (lightsets also considered)

    Item: Ay Up Batteries. Epics version preferred (especially the older orange knob 2600mAh versions) but I will also consider half epics too. If you have a whole lightset then hit me up and I'll consider it. Location: I'm in Southern Sydney but will pay postage for the right items. Item...
  2. dcrofty

    NSW Heap of stuff- cleaning out the bike room. SOLD

    Items are sold. Thanks for the interest. Item: Armour, brakes, pair of shoes, set of 29er tyres, pedals, 1 seat, tubes, full face helmet. See pics for details. Selling together at this point- see comments below. Location: Sutherland (southern Sydney). EDIT- I will post anywhere and go...
  3. dcrofty

    Sydney National Parks OPEN Again

    Edit-see Parks will be open again and TOBAN's lifted from midnight tonight Edit- Closures of national parks now sydney wide until further notice crofty HI All, Please be aware that, due to total fire ban...
  4. dcrofty

    Mont st Anne questions and answers

    Hi all, I'm going to be in Quebec in about a week and am planning to head up to Mont st Anne for a days riding and have a few questions. 1. How do I get there from downtown Quebec? There is a ski bus in winter and lonely planet says there is a MTB based shuttle bus in summer but my google fu...
  5. dcrofty

    Private Property Croftys backyard pumptrack - build log

    Update- excavator is coming, its build time. Will post pics We went away last weekend and the place we stayed in had a pump track next to it. I had a lot of fun on it and my partner really liked the landscaping effect of the back sides of the berms and the gaps being mulched and planted out...
  6. dcrofty

    Camelbak Lobo hydration pack- SOLD

    Item: Camelbak Lobo hydration pack- chilli red colour Location: Sutherland Shire Sydney Item Condition: Really Good. I wore it once. Couple of small marks but no scuffs or cuts Reason for selling: Its not big enough for all the crap I carry. I've bought a Capo so this has to go. Price and...
  7. dcrofty

    All NPWS tracks and Trails closed this weekend-update closure lifted

    Hi All, NPWS tracks and trails closed this weekend statewide due to total fire bans and extreme fire danger. Crofty
  8. dcrofty

    Hazard Reduction Burn in Royal National Park Loftus Trails -COMPLETED-trails are OPEN

    UPDATE 19-9-12 All trails in the burn block are open. Hi All, NPWS and other fire services are planning a large hazard reduction burn in the Royal National Park. Most of the trails in the Grays Point to Loftus area will be affected. See the map below for the area covered. I'll...
  9. dcrofty

    I need contact details for the shower truck companies that people use at 24hr races?

    Hi all, I'm involved in planning an event when 1100 scouts go camping and they are going to need toilet facilities and showers. Is anyone able to give me the contact details for the companies that get used at some of the big 24hr events? The ones with the shower and toilet setups on the...
  10. dcrofty

    Football World Cup thread.

    Well its only a few days away know and I'm getting pretty excited. Do you seriously think Australia can progress past the group stages? What other countries do you want to see do well? Why is Scott McDonald not in the squad? Who's going to win it and take the glory? Get excited...
  11. dcrofty

    Israel ship attack [PAWN content]

    So seems Israel may have gone overboard again. Lots of media coming out that they have fired on a humanitarian convoy in international waters killing multiple people. Will the US condemn the attack? Will any negative comments attract calls of anti Semitism from some quarters? Were the...
  12. dcrofty

    Advocacy Alert Royal NP Plan of Management is being reviewed

    As the title says the Plan of Management for Royal National Park is being reviewed. I think it might even be out to comment but can't find much on the website. I'll find a link to the draft at some point and post it but I just thought I'd post this as MTB and volunteer trail work in the Park...
  13. dcrofty

    For the lovers of Rally and underdogs amongst us....
  14. dcrofty

    Norco VPS-1 Old school Sold

    Item: Norco VPS-1 Very Old. Very Green. Location: Shire Sydney. Item Condition: Its had a pretty tough life. Frame not bad, fork (RST sigma) pretty good. Rear shock seems OK, drivetrain thrashed. All still ridable however. I'll get some better pics in the next few days. Reason for selling...
  15. dcrofty

    Should we change the flag?

    So are you with Ray Martin or against him? Personally, I'd love to see it changed, for a variety of reasons but I'm interested in seeing what Farkin reckons.
  16. dcrofty

    MTB on ONE HD-now (edit-finished)

    Bromont footage on right now. 3:07pm
  17. dcrofty

    Recommend me a training company for bobcat and/or Front end loader -Syd or Gong

    Hi all, Like the title says I'm going for a job where a bobcat ticket would be good to have and probably a loader ticket as well. Looking for a recommendation for a good company where I can get these tickets and I don't really want to have to start calling randoms from the phone book. I'm...
  18. dcrofty

    NSW Orange Patriot 7+ SOLD

    Item: 2005 Orange patriot 7+ (pretty sure its a medium size) Location:Southern Sydney. Would prefer a sale in Sydney but will consider posting at buyers expense. Item Condition:Used but still pretty good. No dents or cracks that I can find. Reason for selling: Ive been in denial but its...
  19. dcrofty

    NSW Kona Stinky-sold pending payment

    Item: 2004 Kona Stinky ( Medium? see extra info below on size) Location:Southern Sydney. Would prefer a sale in Sydney but will consider posting at buyers expense. Item Condition:Pretty Good. Frame is excellent due to low usage. Couple of paint scratches (see photos) but no cracks or dents...
  20. dcrofty

    IMBA standards on Kokoda Track

    Hey all, Well this isn't really a MTB trail but I'm still going to post it here as there is a little bit of MTB trailbuilding relevance (mods feel free to shift to off topic thought) I've just returned from a 7 week trip to PNG where I was part of a volunteer program to do maintance work on...