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    News at 11: Someone dumb enough to mess with Chopper Read Seriously? Someone is that stupid?
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    Bad things you've done lately?

    What evil deeds have you committed recently? To someone else, to yourself or the world in general. Think of this as confession for non-catholics. You dont need to post about the time you shot a man in reno just to watch him die, unless you did it last week. And I know you didn't cause it...
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    Not sold, but the bikes owner is going to put up his own post now.
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    Who's done/doing extra study to further their career?

    Have you done study of your own accord (ie not required to by a job or school) to enable you to further your career? I'm not talking about going to TAFE or uni straight out of highschool, but something that you have done AFTER you've entered a particular field to change to a new direction or to...
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    Found: Flat Bar Road Bike (Brunswick, VIC)

    Bike: A cheap-ish flat bar road bike Colour: You tell me Date it was found: 13/07/08 Where it was found: Brunswick, Vic Specs: You tell me Other Discriptions: This was found in the 'trash room' at my old apartment building where people put things they dont want anymore. The reason I'm...
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    sold / found...

    Item: Would prefer DMR V8 pedals. Would also accept good similar pedals. Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Bearings need to be good, pedals themselves dont care too much as long as theyre in reasonable condition. If they have all their pins that'd be good. Need to have replaceable pins...
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    Hardtail (melbourne)

    Item: hardtail, XC type bikes preferred but tell me whatcha got. Location: Melbourne only Item Condition: good condition Price and price conditions: ~$400 Extra Info: Good condition ie no dents cracks bad scratching, decent bits and pieces and good brakes (hydro discs a plus)... Something...
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    What are your thoughts, if any, on the budget? Personally I am not really impacted personally, and my girlfriend is pretty much in the same boat. I will get a ~$20-$25 a week tax cut from what I have seen which doesnt really affect me very much, but of course is welcome. I dont have kids...
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    Help - removing external BB cups

    I need some advice. Im trying to swap over my cranks from truvativ stylo to shimano xt. Ive gotten the cranks off, and I'm trying to remove the external GXP BB. Ive got a park tools external cup remover tool thing which fits the notches on the external cups perfectly. I have checked to make sure...
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    Recommend me a 4WD?

    I need to buy a car within the next 2 months or so seeing as the headgasket just went in my 86 mazda 323 and now added to the number of other problems it already has, I'm sick of it and its going to go to the wrecker as its not worth fixing. I am strangely drawn towards getting a second hand...
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    External bottom bracket compatibility between brands

    Currently I am running a 06 truvativ stylo crankset with truvativ external BB. I've only put about 6 months of use on this BB so it should still have plenty of life left in it. I have however ordered an 08 XT crankset and Im just wondering whether I need to use the BB which came with it, or if...
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    Item: 2006 Manitou Nixon Super 145 w/ 20mm axel Location: Brunswick, Melbourne Item Condition: New. Uncut steerer. Never even fitted to a bike. No marks on uppers or lowers. Reason for selling: Dont need. I bought these originally as a replacement for my forks, but then got mine fixed so I...
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    Item: Saint rear hub laced to rhyno lite rim with DT comp spokes. 135mm bolt up rear. Location: Brunswick, Melbourne Reason for selling: Bought a bunch of stuff to build up a new bike, but have run out of time/money/patience with the whole thing as I have 2 perfectly good bikes already...
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    Crank bolt coming loose

    Hi, Ive got a set of truvativ stylo cranks, and the non drive side has been coming loose lately. Ive taken it to a shop, they put loctite on it and it doesnt really seemed to have helped. The 8mm allen key bolt is the culprit. I dont know the proper name for it. If I really crank on it, it...
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    Item:Saint Crankset Location: Brunswick Victoria Item Condition:Brand New. Only taken out of box to drool over. Reason for selling: Abandoning a bike bike build due to time and money. Price and price conditions:$220 Extra Info: 170mm, 42t, to fit 68/73mm shell. They are brand spanking new...
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    Lowering manitou nixons?

    Hi, Im wondering if its easy to lower a set of manitou nixon elites ('06)? I have searched, didnt find anything specific to these forks and Im not really up to speed with this stuff so I'd rather check before putting money down. They are the ones with the 115-145 travel adjustment. I'd want...
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    cheap XC/AM forks w/ long steerer (or rigid)

    What: Some XC/AM style forks. Im after about 100mm travel, but 80-130 should be ok. I would rather get an older set of mid range or better forks rather than something new and cheap. They also need to be in decent shape mechanically - I want to be able to fit and ride them without any...
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    So someone squeezed my brake lever while the wheel was out

    It may have been me, I dont remember. However, when I tried to fit the wheel in, the gap between the pads was too small for the disc. I pried them apart with a flat wrench until the disc fit. Now the wheel spins but rubs on the pads badly, and the lever is incredibly stiff. How do I fix...
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    Fox 36 lowers

    What: Fox 36 lowers (fork is 2006, whatever will fit) Price range/Willing to Pay: Give me a price.. Location: Melbourne (will pay shipping) Extra Info: Firstly, I know this is a long shot. I've cracked the drop out on my fork, need a new set of lowers. Currently waiting on a price from fox...
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    Emerald / Officer XC courses?

    Im looking for a new place to ride, and I've heard of Emerald and Officer as two tracks to look at. What are they like and does anyone know if officer still exists?