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  1. mudmav

    LOST Found bling pump doongalla single track

    If you or someone you know have lost a very bling little pump on the doongalla (mt dandenong) single trail. Contact me via pm with the brand and colour an I would be more than happy to re unite you with it. Found 14/2/13
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    VIC Sold please delete

  3. mudmav

    sold please delete

    sold please delete
  4. mudmav

    You Yangs Trails Now Open

    Hi guys just thought that now the trails are open the title of the old thread was a little miss leading. So if knowone minds i figured someone should start up a new thread. Anyway my report from saturday is below but a big thanks to all the You Yangs trail crew and volunteers we had an awesome...
  5. mudmav

    Moving to drouin any xc riding around

    Hey guys and gals, as the title says im moving to drouin and i know of a few tracks around the pakenham, officer and beaconsfield areas. However im looking for somewhere a little closer to home to ride the 29er. I love single track and the more technical the better. So can anyone point me in...
  6. mudmav

    Blores hill (map needed)

    Hey guys, Im in maffra for the weekend at the mother in laws place, took the 29er up blores hill (glenmaggie) this morning. I have known about blores for ages but never actually been their and riden it. MASSIVE PROPS TO THE BUILDERS!!!! Its awesome fun and really well maintained. Only...
  7. mudmav

    Guy needing help with a place to take his girlfriend mountain biking

    Hey girls I read the thread about guys posting in the girls forum and that made me laugh, i promise im not one of those teenage boys trying to pick up! Anyways, i have been riding downhill and XC for years and i know all the normal places around my area which is south eastern suburbs of...
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    sold please delete

    sold delete
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    sold please delte

    please delete
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    Please delete

    Please delete
  11. mudmav

    rock shox monarch 4.2 leaking on compression of shock (HELP)!!!!

    Hey guys i have the above shock on my specialized enduro and it holds air no problems just sitting aroung in the garage however everytime i go for a ride i can hear air leaking as the shock compress's and over a 20-30km ride it will go from around 260psi to 140 psi, when i push down on the seat...
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    sold please delete

    sold please delete
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    sold please delete

    sold please delete
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    VIC sold please delete

    Item: Deore shifters to suit 9 speed rear and 3 ring front Item Condition: great condition Location: bayswater vic Reason for selling: upgrade Price and price conditions:40 + post Pictures:
  15. mudmav

    Rock shox monarch help

    Hey guys, So i have a 2009 monarch 4.2 high volume shock on my 2006 enduro elite, problem is im heavy (120kg) and i have to run the pressure in the shock at about 320psi to get 28-30%sag. Because of this i keep blowing seals. I have been trying to work out a way to reduce my pressures but...
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    sold please delete

    sold please delete
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    VIC sold please delete

    sold please delete
  18. mudmav

    2009 lyrik coil uturn oil change only

    hey guys, Im pretty confident in pulling apart my 2009 uturn lyriks to change the oil, i know that the spring side takes a small amount of oil and then the mission control side takes the larger volume. I have all the relevant volumes and oil at home. Im wondering if i am just changing the...
  19. mudmav

    2010 reign 1 or 2 or a 2009 reign 1 (help me choose)

    So here are my options guys i can get any of the above bikes for the listed prices and spec I am really struggling to decide what to go with, any advice would be appreciated 2010 reign 0 For $3100 color White frame ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum, 6.0" Maestro Suspension fork Fox 32 Talas FIT...
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    sold please delete

    sold please delete