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    townsville round 2 next weekend

    hi just wondering if anyone from cairns is heading down to this race and if they have a spare seat im from portdouglas and need to find a lift. thanks joe
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    which insurance company??

    i live in queensland and looking to get my downhill bike insured as soon as possible and i was just wondering which insurance company people on here recommend and use???? and yes i did search but couldn't find anything thanks joe.
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    cairns-melbourne-melbourne-albury on rex

    hey im getting a flight from melbourne to albury on a rex flight i know i can take a bike easily on the one from cairns to melbourne and back but from Melbourne to albury on a little rex plane im not sure if i can i have called them but it didnt help at all the measurements they gave me wouldn't...
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    clip in shoes

    my 661 spd shoes are falling apart slowly so im lookin into some new shoes in the future and i went form like a skateshoe type of shoe now im thinking of trying one sort of more like a XC one with the tighter fit sort of like how you can get footy boots really nice and tight like these ones...
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    broken freebody

    at townsville i broke my freebody so i cant put on the little cap to hold my cassette on its a bit hard to explain but about 1 mill on the outside its thin and theres no ridge for the sprockets an that where it all cracked off it broke almost a clean brake all the way around. has this happened...
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    funny rabbit on forks

    i was just having a good look at my forks and on the bottom of the leg near the rebound adjuster there is a little picture of a rabbit and a turtle to indicate which way if faster and slower and when i looked closely the rabbit actually has antlers on it???????? any one else have this they are...
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    V-10 how are they????

    hey ive been looking into buying a new downhill frame and i have narrowed it down to a 2008 santa cruz v-10 frame but if anyone could help me out on how they ride and feel down the downhill track it would be great any help would be great. thanks joe P.S. have searched but didn't find anything
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    2009 santa cruz v10???

    ive been looking around and have searched but i cant find any pics of them so any help would be great. thanks joe
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    SPD shoes

    hi i am hopefully getting clip ins in the next few weeks for downhill riding and the pedals im going to get are these ones And im still deciding which shoes to get im looking into these...
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    world cup races online???

    hi i had a look around to try to find out if world cup rounds will be shown live on the internet like the world championship on saturday night but i couldnt find anything so if any one could give me info about it showing on the internet or tv it would be great thanks joe
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    demo 8

    not sure if this is the right place for this move it if its not. But im looking into buying a 07 demo 8 its in really good condition and its a local sale for 4,500 neg. Mainly im just wondering how they ride and if they have any problems or what are there up sides and downsides any help would be...
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    best rims i can buy???

    hi i'm looking for the best set of rims i can get to fit a 32 spoke DT swiss 440 hub off my norco team DH since i just buckled my WTB laser discs. price is not a matter i just need a really strong pair. thanks for any help joe
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    mackay pics

    hey has anyone got pictures from the mackay race on the weekend????? thanks joe
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    E-13 stem

    im looking into buying a direct mount e-13 stem and im after feedback about them from people who own them like if they are strong?? thanks joe
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    blacksmithing thred

    I had a search and i didnt find anythin so i decided to start a blacksmithing thread for anyone that has any pictures of there projects that they have made or currently making or anything related to the subject. joe
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    Hey everyone im looking at selling a pair of Super-T forks i did do a search and looked on the webiste but i didnt find anything and i was just wondering how much they are worth brand new. Once i find that out i can figure out a price. thanks joe
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    Boxxer on atomik

    hey im upgrading a couple of parts on my stock 2006 model norco atomik one of those upgrades is putting on a set of boxxer WC just wondering if people think that should work preety good any help is appreciated thanks joe
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    orange with clips

    if people out there that ride an orange 222,223 or 224 could you help me out here im lookin at buying a single pivot downhill bike in the near future and i was wondering if you think i should run clip in pedals or flat pedals on a single pivot bike because ive been told that oranges dont go to...
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    norco 250

    im lookin into buyin the 2008 model norco 250 wat do people think of them and wat do they ride like if anyone has riden one yet thanks joe
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    DH3 at smithfield

    does anyone have any info on the race at cairns in a couple of weeks time? like the practise day and times and cost and that sort of thing?????? thanks joe