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    VIC ****SOLD***Specialized Pitch Comp 2011 - 6" Enduro Trail weapon!

    specialized inquiry Hi there, just wondering if your pitch is running 26inch wheels also If you would be interested in posting to "port Douglas qld" Cheers
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    Townsville Subway State rd 4 photos

    any of number 105 on a white v10 cheers joe
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    Illinbah Pictures - June

    hey any of number 447 on a white v10 with a black dc shirt or a black and white fox jersey cheers joe
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    townsville round 2 next weekend

    hi just wondering if anyone from cairns is heading down to this race and if they have a spare seat im from portdouglas and need to find a lift. thanks joe
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    AUS Jared Graves does Oceanias double

    yer whats the go with that new bike that wyn is riding looks diferent. You heard about them damo?
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    SS Rd. 1 Kenilworth

    hi could i get a pic of 368 white v10 thanks joe
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    Kenilworth 08.03.09

    hi any pics of me i was number 368 and i was riding a white v10 with tld lid fox jersey or a blue and black 661 pressure suite. thanks joe
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    Kenilworth rd 1 09

    hi any pics of me i was number 368 and i was riding a white v10 with tld lid fox jersey or just a 661 pressure suite. thanks joe
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    kenilworth 7th-8th of march

    me and 5 other mates will be comin down from cairns for both the days.
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    OMFG Intense M6 EVO

    pic and link dont work for me
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    One for the Graf/Stencil/street artists.... Apparently we're up to post #623 now

    brazilian graffiti would have to be my favourite i read a book on it while i was at school and the art work just amazed me if anyone knows of the book or where to buy the book its called "brazilian grafitti" i would love to try to buy it. thanks joe
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    Neck Brace

    my mate in victoria broke his neck riding downhill i think he hit a tree doin around 50k's. me ill be buying one when i have the spare funds to do so.
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    which insurance company??

    thanks for that peachy now i understand how to go about it thru my parents starting to all make sense now. joe
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    which insurance company??

    ok thanks for that i will look into that today. thanks joe.
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    which insurance company??

    thanks for your help. is there anything i can do so its just my bike insured not a whole home and contents package??? thanks joe.
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    which insurance company??

    i still live at home so im looking just to get my bike insured rather then a whole package deal thing. thanks joe
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    which insurance company??

    i live in queensland and looking to get my downhill bike insured as soon as possible and i was just wondering which insurance company people on here recommend and use???? and yes i did search but couldn't find anything thanks joe.
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    888ATA full travel?

    my friend removed the floating piston out of his because it was restricting his travel to about 6 inches and now they feel alot nicer to ride and get the full amount of travel. joe
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    Bmx and Mtb edit

    bull shit dont listen to him adam hes trying to turn you dont give in plus you wont be able to ride bmx seeing you broke your ankle it wont eva be strong enough i guess your ganna have to keep 8inches of suspension :p
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    Cairns DH5

    hey any pictures of number 25 2006 model norco atomik black with boxxer worldcups thanks joe