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  1. joelhein

    doolangala dandenongs

    wicked shots dude, i think the dark lighting looks cool personaly :) nice job, i got to get down there some time once i get my forks back, many tracks there?
  2. joelhein

    the best riding music?

    hey guys and girls. was just wondering what we all listen to when going for a good ride? either free ride or DH thanks joel
  3. joelhein

    What are you listening to NOW?

    sea is rising - blis'n'eso
  4. joelhein

    cleaning breaks

    i like fire.. didnt no fork oil was flammable? thanks mate
  5. joelhein


    thats because you have nits
  6. joelhein

    cleaning breaks

    i blew out my right leg completly, i have a mates set of 888s on at the moment while my others are getting fixed, thanks for the help. i was wondering if maybe even bleach would work?
  7. joelhein

    cleaning breaks

    Hey guys, i have blown my forks and gotten fork oil all over my front rotor and rim. does anyone no of any ways to clean the rotor? because all the break does now is squicks and is sh$t full. thanks heaps . joel
  8. joelhein


    yeah mate, i used to have a personal phisio while i was racing at state leval for road bikes, one of the best stretches is to put ur foot against a pole keeping you heel on the floor and your toes about 10 cm up the pole ( best done with cleats on ) then pull yourself towards the pole. another...
  9. joelhein

    how much oil?

    i am servicing my 888 vf2 forks and was just wonder on exactly how much oil i will need to use? thanks for any help.
  10. joelhein

    Local upper beaconsfield riders.

    Who live around Upper Beaconsfield or any close by ereas that are keen to come and help me and my mates out on building our new track... we have built about 15 second section atm and still have PLENTY of hill left. any one interested? thanks joel
  11. joelhein

    Songs for a chilled out vid

    Hey guys, i am after a song that is an acoustic style of music i am adding it to a smooth chilled section in the free ride vid. any ideas? xx
  12. joelhein

    The Injury Thread.

    sliced my shin! mega shin dig, Down to the bone, 5 inches long = 5 stiches and 3 steri strips and a f# load of pain.
  13. joelhein

    rear shock service

    i put the shock into bears bikes, but i am not sure on where they have sent it away to?
  14. joelhein

    making a movieeee

    ha ha sorry guys, umm it is gonna be a dh movie riding all the local trails around the eastern suburbs of melbourne there is kinda a bit of a range between the tracks mainly flow fast tracks, dunno what else to tell you, let me no what other details u need?
  15. joelhein

    making a movieeee

    hey guys & girls. me and a few mates are gonna make a full on movie like a fairly long one, but we need some ideas for songs to match with the footage? anyone no of some good songs we could use?
  16. joelhein

    rear shock service

    thanks, thats all i needed to no. i was gonna ring them tomorrow and complain but i will wait a few days before i do that now. thanks heaps.
  17. joelhein

    Most exotic DH bike?

    ewwwww =]
  18. joelhein

    rear shock service

    i have a fox DHX 3.0 and just put it in to get serviced. the shop have had my bike for a week now and still havent herd from them. how long does it normally take to get the shock serviced? thanks guys
  19. joelhein

    Dream bike on ebay

    dayummmm thats a sick bike? LOL its gotta be a pisstake.
  20. joelhein

    new rider in town =]

    can u help me out with that? how do i post up photos?