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    Riding on the Sunshine Coast

    Have had a look on a few of the webpages that pop up when searched but can anyone tell me a bit about the riding up on the sunshine coast? Enduro, DH whatever. Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumps on the Sunshine Coast

    Anyone know of good dirt jumps to ride on the Sunshine Coast? Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumping in Melbourne

    Is there many good places to ride dirt jumps close to Melbourne? Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumps in Byron and Surrounds.

    Anyone know of any good jumps in the Byron area? Anything within 30-45mins from Byron would be of interest. Cheers, Sam.
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    Demo riders with Öhlins rear shock.

    Hey there, Just wondering what spring rates people with Öhlins shocks are using? At full HSC compression and 3 clicks out from full LSC I found my bike still bottoms out harshly with a 400lb spring and my modest 80kg including gear weight. Cheers.
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    Dirt jumps between Sydney and Byron

    Doing a trip up the coast from Sydney to Byron. Anyone got any suggestions of trails worth riding along the way? Cheers.
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    Hazelbrook Dirt Jumps

    Trails at Hazo are running ok at the moment but could still use a bit of love. Definitely worth a few dig days to get them going properly again. let me know if anyone'e keen to meet up and build/ride. Cheers.
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    How Long Until Someone is Racing a 29'er in the WC?

    I was surprised to see that quite a number of brands, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Intense, are still pushing their 29'ers this year and seem to be emphasising their shredding capabilities. Got me wondering if perhaps we might see some 29" DH bikes in a couple of seasons. Anyone got any thoughts?
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    NS Eccentric

    Want an AM rig and have been wondering about what sort of hardtails have been coming out these days in the AM market. The NS Eccentric looks pretty good, anyone ridden one? Basically I want a bike I can thrash and still boost jumps and the like while I'm doing the xc loops. Cheers.
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    2014 Season, a fan boys overview.

    A very strange season indeed. After Steve Smith's dominating end to last season with truly resounding wins in both Mt St Anne and Leogang, he was definitely on another level to the competition and would have to have been favourite to take it this season. But, as had been the case for Hill in...
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    Getting to Val di Sol Italy and Schladming.

    So I'm thinking about riding a couple of the greats of the WC circuit in August and was wondering if anyone has ridden Val di Sol and/or Schladming and might be able to give me some tips on getting there, places to stay etc. Will be travelling alone so hiring a car is out of the question. Cheers!
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    How is enduro timed?

    Forgive me if this has been covered already but how exactly is enduro timed? I noticed on the recent dirt tv enduro vid they showed the stage winners and times were from 4 - 7 mins per stage, I don't understand how the rest of it is timed and how this contributes? In the end the end of the vid...
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    Wc round 3, fort william.

    We've had the two exhibition bouts, now let the battle proper begin! Gwinn back on top I reckon, Gee 2nd, Bryceland 3rd, Minnaar 4th, Hart 5th. Both Sam and Troy in the top 10 with Troy just in front.
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    P.26 AM vs P.3

    Looking to buy a new dj bike and I think I'll go with the one of these. Noticed the geo is slightly different between the two and just wondering if anyone has ridden both and can give me some feedback as to whether the changes in geo are very noticable (I've ridden a p.3 in the past and like the...
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    Angleset/slackening a Demo 8

    Rode my friends M9 yesterday which on account of the Angleset is around 62 degrees. Quite liked the slack feeling of it and got me wondering about an Angleset in my 2013 Demo 8. Was thinking a degree or degree and half offset. Anyone done this? Good? bad?
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    Freecaster 2011 WC Season DVD

    Watched above mentioned DVD last night, is quite possibly the best DH racing DVD I've ever seen. Does anyone know if Redbull puts out a similar one?
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    Snapped CCDB damper shafts on Demo 8's, common?

    Considering one of these for my Demo but heard the shafts a renowned for snapping when used on the Demo. Has this happened to any Demo owners?
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    2014 RC4 on a 2013 Demo 8

    From what I can gather, the changes made to the new RC4 should make it suit the Demo better than earlier RC4s (please correct me if I'm wrong). Has anyone put one of the new RC4s on their Demo? If so, good? Bad? Cheers.
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    2014 Demo 8 with Öhlins rear shock, ridden?

    Anyone ridden a Demo with the Öhlins rear shock? If so, is it fully sick or what?
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    2014 RC4 vs Older Models

    Interested to hear from anyone who has ridden a 2014 RC4 and who has also spent time on the earlier versions. Curious to know if the list of improvements for the 2014 shock are actually noticeable and not just marketing bs. Cheers.