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    Downhill world championships: Pick the winning time and win a prize

    Really feel this is a bad move. Would've though he'd be on a big bike but I'm sure he knows what he's doing... Though I feel a similar stunt cost him Worlds back in Canberra in '09. He was the man back then and should've smoked Steve and Greg up the top of that track and given himself a bit of a...
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    Downhill world championships: Pick the winning time and win a prize

    Kuranda looks like a sick track!
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    Downhill world championships: Pick the winning time and win a prize

    .64 seconds quicker than my guess hey... Guess WC is generally a tight affair and it appears the betting game also.
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    2017 world cup discussion

    Vds So excited to watch this one. I have a feeling Gwin will smash it and put two or three seconds into the rest of the field. He's basically been unbeatable on this track when he's on form and don't see that the pressure of what's at stake will faze him. I like Minnaar but Gwin is definitely...
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    2017 world cup discussion

    Hill for a medal I have a feeling Mr Hill could do big things. Though no one is as fast as Gwin when he's on it, Hill could deliver a bit of a surprise at this race I feel. Though a fair way back in time, he still pulled a top 20 at Fort William. Don't think there's anything off about selecting...
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    Yup boys

    Riding on the Sunshine Coast Moving to the Sunshine Coast on Thursday. Have DJ, AM and DH bikes, many places to use the DJ and DH bike up that way? I have a Hilux and a bike pad so keen to ride and do shuttles if possible. Cheers, Sam.
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    Riding on the Sunshine Coast

    Have had a look on a few of the webpages that pop up when searched but can anyone tell me a bit about the riding up on the sunshine coast? Enduro, DH whatever. Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumps on the Sunshine Coast

    Anyone know of good dirt jumps to ride on the Sunshine Coast? Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumping in Melbourne

    Is there many good places to ride dirt jumps close to Melbourne? Cheers.
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    Dirt Jumps in Byron and Surrounds.

    Thanks, mate. Will have a look see when i'm up that way.
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    Dirt Jumps in Byron and Surrounds.

    Anyone know of any good jumps in the Byron area? Anything within 30-45mins from Byron would be of interest. Cheers, Sam.
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    Downhill racing is back in Coffs Harbour!

    Stoked to hear this! Be good to be able to combine a race weekend with a few waves.
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    Demo riders with Öhlins rear shock.

    Felt a bit sluggish with full LSC just bouncing around on it. Noticeable improvement with full HSC through fast chop. Hard to imagine the shock would need servicing as it's seen limited use. Bit weird really, would've expected way better performance from a shock of this calibre. Especially since...
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    Demo riders with Öhlins rear shock.

    About a third.
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    Demo riders with Öhlins rear shock.

    Hey there, Just wondering what spring rates people with Öhlins shocks are using? At full HSC compression and 3 clicks out from full LSC I found my bike still bottoms out harshly with a 400lb spring and my modest 80kg including gear weight. Cheers.
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    Dirt jumps between Sydney and Byron

    Doing a trip up the coast from Sydney to Byron. Anyone got any suggestions of trails worth riding along the way? Cheers.
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    Hazelbrook Dirt Jumps

    Trails at Hazo are running ok at the moment but could still use a bit of love. Definitely worth a few dig days to get them going properly again. let me know if anyone'e keen to meet up and build/ride. Cheers.
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    2016 UCI MTB World Cup Downhill

    Didn't he finish third at the last round?? Could easily pull out a win.
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    2017 Demo 8

    5 grand for a bike that comes with a basic boxxer and a shit rear shock is a rort. 5 grand should get you a boxxer team fork and the best offering from Fox or Rockshox out back. 5 grand being what you need to drop for an entry level DH bike while the top spec is over 10 grand is absolutely...