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    BB90 and SRAM GXP Cranks

    Any ideas / suggestions on a BB to joing these two items together. Option 1 is to use a standard Shimano BB90 bottom bracket and a 1mm shim on the Sram axle to take it to 24mm+24mm axles Option 2 is to buy the shimano BB90 BB and replace the non driveside bearing with a 22mm ID bearings...
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    Giant XTC SL, Why 27.5?

    Few years ago Giant released their top of the line race bike. 29 inch SL 0 race bike. Low 9kg weight and awesome spec. They have since dropped the SL 29er and instead only specced it with the 27.5 inch series. Why? Looking for a new bike and the SL series had caught my eye but I am not going...
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    Carbon road rim on a MTB

    Abstract question but there is a reason. Thoughts on using a carbon road rim on a MTB, primarily XC. rim diameter is the same. weights are about the same. Rims are slightly heavier but that could be to support the 100+ psi of the road tyre. Have a Giant Defy Disc. Also have a 29" race...
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    Dirt jump versus Street bike?

    Just curious, whats the difference between these bikes, style and geometry? 26" wheel's? What would be used at the skate park? My 6yo is enjoying the local skate park so through I would join her and try to add some skills. Thanks
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    Food/Diet Help, Weight loss has stalled.

    Over the last 3-4 years I have been working on getting my weight down. Started over the 110kg mark and now around the 90kg mark. Last year my race weight (Endurance) was around 93kg however managed to get into the top 10 on all races (just). Last 4 months I have been working on getting...
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    Verifying power meter

    Just looking for some advice. Have a stages crank and have a suspicion that it is reading high. Are there any tips for verifying accuracy of the meter. Calibration and calibration number are all in spec and readings are consistent. Garmin 1000, 500 and Bluetooth (phone) seen to give the same...
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    All day knee pads

    Just a general question. My training rides these days are getting upto 60+ kilometres of technical riding. Fast, Jumps and berms as well as the unfortunate mix of hills to climb. Mate of mine has just had the inevitable happen and on one of these rides came a cropper and tore his knee...
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    Overtraining versus Underrecovering

    Have got myself into an interesting scenario. Had a baby turn up about 6 months ago which has the usual impact on sleep and free time. Kept riding and training but a bit more of an erratic routine. Started to notice the impact that lack of sleep was having on my riding. Slower in the mornings...
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    WA Cape to Cape, Best place for entries??

    Whats the best place to get unwanted entries to the Cape to Cape? Last minute pull outs Don't mind running under another name. Trying to make it as cheap as bro.
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    Belt drive on a hardtail AM?

    Going through the process of building up a 29 hardtail MTB as a all mountain fun bike. Thinking about going belt drive to further enhance the easy going fun nature. Was looking at the review of the REEB cycles All Mountain bike and it sounds positive. Had anyone got any experience. Not...
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    All mountain Hardtail - Buildup from scratch

    I have a few bikes, SB66 and a relaxed geometry Van-Nic 29er hardtail which cops a fair hiding on the trails. Love the feel of the hard tail but also really enjoy the playfulness of the SB66 so I thought I would try and build something new combining traits of both. Primarily fun and simple...
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    Sore Lower back. Too rigid while riding?

    I have a mate who suffers from a sore back while riding. Common issue but a possible different cause. Basically while riding. The more hills, The more pain. He has had this issue on 4 different bikes. Road bike that was two small, Road bike that was the right size. Full suspension Niner Rip...
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    Handlebar width, what's the go?

    Got a few bikes. Hardtail race bike and a yeti sb66. Been running a 660 flat bar on the race bike and a 680 3/4 riser on the sb66. Been thinking about trying wider bars. Is there a general rule for how wide, style of bike, shoulder width? Yah de dah? Thanks Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Reverb or not to Reverb? Alternative?

    My Reverb has finally died after a decent amount of use. Basically the shaft has worn and pretty expensive to repair. What other options are out there. Lots of different options but they all seem to suffer to some degree with wear and tear, Is anything actually better than the reverb for...
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    Power meter on MTB?

    Has anyone actually used a power meter on the MTB? How does it handle all the small impacts? Are the result usable during the ride or mainly post ride analysis? I imagine the during a long fireroad section it would be fine but actually MTBing with uneven surface, rocks , roots, peagravel and...
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    Latex doing strange stuff, Heat?

    Been having some issues with my tubless setup lately Mounted some new tyres (tubless, Schwalb) on to some new rims and they wouldn't stay up for more than a day, Had latex in it. Also noticed a clear secretion around the bead. Like honey in texture and small bubbles forming. This...
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    MTB trip alternative instead of Rotorua?

    Planning a MTB trip next year and the plan was Rotorua, Bunch of about 6 of us. Now down to three due to all the usual excuses. Smaller bunch means maybe a road trip. Any suggestions on an alternative to basing in Rotorua and just riding and jumping. Thoughts? or stick with the...
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    Upgrade or buy Giant XTC advance SL 29er 0 2014

    I have a Van Nic Zion 29er. Love the bike, Great fun with a more play than race geometry. Great for wheeling, Jumping etc. Weight of 12kg (11.8) is not a problem but a big event coming up and the only way I can achieve my target goal is to loose lots of weight. My current race setup is 12kg...
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    WA: Kalamunda Circuit. Good tyres for Pea gravel?

    With the tracks drying out I expect to see lots more pea gravel up around the kalamunda circuit. I am riding a SB66 with Maxis ignitor tyres (26 x 2.3) at the moment. 1 x 9 drivetrain What does everyone recommend for these conditions. The Nobbly Nics look good? To clarify, Not looking for a...
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    Efficiency - Road versus MTB

    Have just completed a large Enduro (almost 1000km in 9 days) and working out the stats noted that the Calories consumed via Garmin and strava are for a road bike. Eg both use the principle of assuming* constant road friction, wind resistance etc for a generic road bike. This allows you to...