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    29'er to 27.5

    Hi all. Has ever anyone converted a 29er to 27.5? Nothing should really change but a drop of the bottom bracket by about 12mm. Is that right? Go!
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    Secret Trails

    Why do both guys wear bibs?? the second one even had some sort of harness or restrainer on???
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    big drop to kicker

    Now I just want to see a little vid with someone riding it. Looks very noice!!!!!:thumb::clap2::clap2::clap2:
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    What makes a bike fast?

    the rider and only the rider hahahahaha
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    Nswmtb 2012 all mountain state series

    could you tell us a bit about the tracks, layout please? and which club is SCUM?
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    XC Mountain Cycle San Andreas

    exceptional beauty.:clap2:
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    Thinking of buying this for my Daughters 7th birthday...

    I got my girl, who is now 8 a giant 150 20inch last year second hand of e-bay. I paid $120. It was in very good condition and boosted her confidence and ability big time. We now ride a full on BMX track and recently started on my local single track. Am now looking for a second hand 24" mtb with...
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    HuRT self sufficient bike "RIDE"

    sounds amazing. :clap2: finally are real mtb race
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    2012 Eaze Bikes

    looks like an old turner, bah
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    My homemade carbon fibre bike lol

    that's what i thought too. Some older kona rapped up or painted. Nice work there
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    Sam who?

    your bad luck that he is and that we all love an Aussie battler. ( tough he doesn't battle, he floats, glides, fly's , rails and and the other flowery adjectives one can think off. all the other one's do the battling;)
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    Sam who?

    my favorite ride is the one where he comes third in the rain after all the top guys had gone down in the dry. somewhere in the french alps, really gnarly course. I reckon he rules downhill, no one comes even close. all this talk about atherton and peaty is just that. neither of them has the...
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    LIGHTS MEGATHREAD - all questions on riding lights asked and answered here!!!

    AY UPS all the way. best bang for your bucks.
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    VIC Some built over my track!

    I reckon your funny. If you 'think ' your track is kegal, then it probably isn't cause you would 'know' if it was. Talk to Dozer or the cat on how to get ther otherwise your on your own re sorting this out. I know it's bad etiquiette but that's all you can do. good luck finding the culprit and...
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    2011 Stumpjumper Evo

    nice bike Todd. Hope it goes as fast as it looks or do you reckon that might be rider dependent. I hope we'll catch up son for a ride
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    224. 2010 update post #65 !

    nice lake in the background. Is it fit for windsurfing? Ahh and by the way noice bike!!
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    Is this the right attitude towards mtb advocacy and trail maintenance?

    I don't get all this. If one lokes riding but not build then ride and don't build. if one likes to do both do both. I reckon he's being guilt tripped or maybe extremely self concious. whatever. Have fun riding, don't wreck the trails of other ppl and sooner or later you'll find a group you'd...
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    fairwell to Lidsdale ride

    just rode it today and it is still one of the best tracks around
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    What was you first true mt bike

    Garry Fisher Trail geometry with elevated chain stays and deore kit.1990?
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    Specialized Future Shock

    I've got an enduro and changed the forks over to talas 36.The futureshock works fine but beeing a triple clamp fork limits turning circle. You should also pay attention to the stem it comes with since it is the entire upper clamp that needs replacing if it's too short or long. Mine was quite...