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    TAS SOLD: Formula Selva 170mm 275 fork

    Item: Formula Selva S 170mm 275 2018 boost fork. Location: Hobart, TAS. Will post. Item condition: 100% new, never mounted, never used, in original box. Reason for selling: Bought for a project that never happened - the 29er curse took hold. Price: $750 Extra Info: Exactly as per specs here...
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    Buying Helmets overseas...

    Anybody had any luck with sourcing MTB helmets overseas? Wiggle, CRC, zee Germans all seem to geo-block (though often the AUS standard sticker is present).
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    AM SC Nomad C

    Thought I best post this before the imminent release of the Nomad 4 renders my current bike irrelevant and rubbish... :p I call her Darknessss... Frame 2015 Nomad CC XL, stealth black Fork: Rockshox Lyric RCT3 170mm, no tokens, 75PSI, 4 clicks LSC, 4 clicks out rebound Shock...
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    Nomad 3: 160 vs. 170 fork

    Apologies if this is a needless thread - have searched the web trying to find an answer to this but no luck. I'm building up a Nomad 3 frame and am deciding on forks. For 2016 Santa Cruz started shipping Nomads with 170 forks vs the 2014, 2015 models with a 160. Cant see any geo changes...
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    Rockshox Monarch XX shock air pressure?

    I fitted a new Monarch and the clearance is not huge on my bike - so I fully depressurized it to test that it wasn't going to touch the frame etc under full compression. Now I need to pressurize it back up but I cant find *anywhere* as to what the air pressure should be! Its seriously not...
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    Monarch RT3 different revisions - whats what

    Want to pick up a Monarch RT3 and there seem to be quite a few online at differing prices which I'm guessing are different years, features etc. Current RT3 page at SRAM Think this is the current revision? I think the revision...
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    Stumpjumper 2008 Shock replacement / options

    I'm slowly updating / refreshing bits of my Stumpjumper and am wondering what I can do with the rear shock. Bike is 2008 Stumpy S-Works with a Specialized AFR with Brain. To service the Brain shocks they have to be removed and sent to Melbourne and it costs $200-$300. Seems alot of hassle...
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    BNE Shimano XTR M970 Crank Removal Tool - anybody?

    Anybody in BNE happen to have one of these they wouldn't mind parting with temporarily or even permanently? I'm hoping to not have to order one from the USA or UK and wait... want to get out riding!
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    Crankset recommendations for 1x10 conversion

    Am in the process of converting my drive train from a Shimano XTR M970 Triple to a 1x10. I'm pretty sure that I can use my existing cranks however they are abit ugly with a Hope NW chainring so am pondering something else.... However navigating bottom brackets, spindles... all of it is a...
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    Advice sought - swap my 26 for a 29?

    Seeking a bit of advice... I have a 2008 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper. This one: I've not been riding it properly for a few years (moved countries, just been on road bikes) but my partner...