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    29'er to 27.5

    Hi all. Has ever anyone converted a 29er to 27.5? Nothing should really change but a drop of the bottom bracket by about 12mm. Is that right? Go!
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    quali mt stanne

    hill by 7 sec over peaty and atherton third go the AUSSIEEE
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    specialized enduro sl wanted

    [b]Item: [/b] looking to buy a specialized enduro could be interested in complete bike if forks are travel adjust [b]Location: [/b] anywhere. am happy to pay postage [b]Price range/Willing to Pay:[/b] depends [b]Extra Info:[/b] needs to be medium frame size
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    new xc track in blackheath

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    fox 36 talas

    fox 36 talas wanted. have to be in good condition or cheap. please pm.
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    DB this was january

    i normally do not feel compelled to comment on photos but this post is really something special. the images/riders and are and scenes are really exceptional and do make one wanting to ride. well done and thanks for posting them. i hope you make a good living out of it too and have fun
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    SOLD ih sunday 06 updated with more pics or swap

    Item: ih sunday 06 price drop!!!!!!!! Location:blue mountains Item Condition: good Reason for selling: getting out of it Price and price conditions: $2600 incl. postage Extra Info: medium size, 17 in i think, brand new boxxer race, mag 30 rear rim,avid juicy7s with carbon levers,thompson stem...
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    sold hope m4, pads, goodridge line offers swap for avids bb7

    Item: hope m4's front and rear, 1 set of pads and one rear goodridge brakeline Location: blue mountains Item Condition: scratches, usual play Reason for selling: not needed Price and price conditions: Extra Info: Pictures: yes please use pm since i do not read my own posts
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    all sold sold
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    fox dhx3 or 5

    wanted fox dhx3 or 5 for ironhorse sunday
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    can someone please give me a measurement for spokes to lace a hadley rear 150mm hub to an intense mag 30 rim. thanks. ps the hub is of an norco vps if that helps
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    sram rival

    anyone using a sram rival derailleur on his/her dh bike? if yes does it work well with a nine speed casette? thanks
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    giant trance 06

    What: giant trance 2 or 1 06 model Price range/Willing to Pay: up to 2000 Location:blue mountains Extra Info: max 18'' in size please pm
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    rear floating brake setup

    What: floating rear set up for orange or other brand Price range/Willing to Pay:200 Location:blue mountains Extra Info: want it with pics please
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    stromlo closed again until further notice

    just read in another post that stromlo dh is closed again. check before you ride and maybe a mod could put this into the home front page?
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    i'll be over in the land of the big white cloud next week. does anybody know wether one can ride the champs down hill run and wether it's possible to hire a decent bike in rotorua? cheers ahrald
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    lithgow 22nd

    anyone running shuttles on sunday and still having spare seat/s. am more than happy to share driving and petrol money.
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    world champion

    sam hill greg minaar nathan renie steve peat
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    overtacking in a dh race

    hi there now i wonder what the rules are when one catches up with the rider in front and wants to overtake. i know that one is supposed to shout 'rider' and so forth but what happens if the guy/girl doesnt pull over???? would one get a rerun because i was obstructed???? should one get pushy...
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    it's mine,it's mine,it's mine photos down below