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  1. stinky1138

    Ryde/Meadowbank Skatepark!

    BOYS! GIRLS! ANYONE IN BETWEEN! Apparently, a proposal has been before Ryde Council for like 30 years to build a skatepark. Last night, the proposal was ACCEPTED! Breaking ground in February! So. Much. Stoke. As I live just outside of Ryde, I didn't hear about this until just last...
  2. stinky1138

    NSW Fireeye Firesky Frame and Brake--size M SOLD

    Item: FireEye FireSky Frame Location: Ermington/Silverwater, maybe a trail/park meet up Item Condition: Quite good. Frame is A1. Reason for selling: Bought it to paint it, didn't really care for how it turned out so selling again. Price and price conditions: $65 slightly neg--PRICE DROP $50...
  3. stinky1138

    NSW SOLD 2008 Reign Size Small

    Item: Giant Reign, size SMALL Location: Sydney-Ermington Item Condition: Used, not bad. Usual chips in finish on chainstay underside, a few scratches I'm sure, no big dints or dings. Haven't seen the original finish in 3 years... Reason for selling: Don't ride anything that needs a 6"...
  4. stinky1138

    Fireeye Firesky Frame Strip/Paint refurb

    So, we're back at frame painting again! If you missed our last episode, you can read it here: Grabbed a Fireeye Firesky frame from a fellow Burner, had a metallic fade idea I wanted to test out...
  5. stinky1138

    NSW MTB V-brake Found

    Item: Mountain bike V-brake, for rear. Location: Anywhere Item Condition: Good working order Price and price conditions: As little as possible Extra Info: Looking for arms that are 107mm long at least.
  6. stinky1138

    DJ NS Suburban custom painted--epic picture log

    I bought recently a TransAM from here that is in need of a new paint job. I wanted to do it myself, from stripping the old paint to polishing dat bish. But I didn't want to start on my "good" frame in case I messed up. Fortunately for myself, a frame came up very cheap in a moving o/s sale...
  7. stinky1138

    Safe Cycling is Happy Cycling Always remember to keep a spare potato...
  8. stinky1138

    DMR V6 review

    Bought a set of V6s for my street bike as I was not keen on metal pins ripping up my shins. I'm a huge fan of nylon pedals and DMR so was a pretty obvious choice... These things are amazing. They have the full length "pins" and the level of grip on all my shoes is second to none. I actually...
  9. stinky1138

    NSW BNIB 5.10 Spitfire SOLD

    Item: 5.10 Spitfire EU 39.5, Men's US 7, Women's US 8.5 Location: Ermington/Silverwater Item Condition: Brand spankers Reason for selling: Shoe sizing inconsistency, they're too big Price and price conditions: $40 Firm Extra Info: Bought 3 days ago from Pushy's. Tried on and took two...
  10. stinky1138

    NSW Fox Lock out Lever, 2006 era FOUND

    Item: Lock out lever for 2006 Float Location: Sydney please Item Condition: not totally dicked. Price and price conditions: $10 ? I don't know what it's worth, but I don't want it for more than that. Extra Info: Should suit having the rebound knob on top of the lever. I'm not sure if more...
  11. stinky1138

    Help me pick a Rigid fork.

    I'm currently in the process of building up my old DMR Transition as a rigid 24. I'm really unfamiliar with rigid set ups tho and I'm lost as to what fork height will best suit what i want. It was originally rigid with Trailblade 2 but I changed them pretty quickly and don't recall much...
  12. stinky1138

    4X V1 Transition Bank

    Frame - V1 Transition Bank Rear shock - mah legs Front shock/fork - Fox RL100 Handlebars - Funn Fatboy Red Stem - Race Face Atlas Headset - Jet Black Red Grips - Funn Lockon White Saddle - Something cheap from T7, has a devil on it. Seatpost - Da Bomb cut short Front brake - SLX 160mm...
  13. stinky1138

    NSW Marzocchi DJ 3 SOLD

    Item: 2006 Marzocchi DJ3 Location: Ermington/Silverwater/Trails Item Condition: Very good. Reason for selling: Decided to go rigid. Price and price conditions: $150 slightly negotiable Extra Info: These forks have had a full service on March 20 with zero riding since. They have been...
  14. stinky1138

    NSW SOLD A couple Free older items, 24" tyres, Elixir 1

    All items located Ermington/Silverwater/Olympic Park area. Pick up prefered, can negotiate meet up. Please PM for more details, photos, etc. as I will receive an email notification straight away which makes it easier for me. Item: Old XT Rear Der circa 2004 Location...
  15. stinky1138

    Found FS Frame or Rear triangle for Kona Dawg

    Item: FS frame Medium prefered or a small Large. OR Rear triangle to suit '03 Kona Dawg. Location: Anywhere* But let's say Syd as a start. Item Condition: Not cracked. Price and price conditions: Preferably free. Or very, very little money...see story. Extra Info: Friend recently...
  16. stinky1138

    NSW WTB NW or Chain guide Found

    Item: NW Chainring 32-34 104PCD OR Chainguide ISCG OLD Location: Sydney prefered, pick up prefered Item Condition: Good would be good Price and price conditions: Depends on which item it is and condition, lemme know Extra Info: Needs to be for smaller chainrings if it's a guide and must...
  17. stinky1138

    NSW FOUND DELETE Unusable/broken FF helmet.

    Item: Wanted: Broken full face helm. Size S/54-55cm. Med might be okay too. Location: Close to Syd, no point in posting a broken lid! Item Condition: Must have the front guardy bit, whatever it's called. Price and price conditions: $0 frankly don't want to pay for something destined for...
  18. stinky1138

    NSW SOLD Rock Shox Lyrik RC, 160mm Solo air

    Item: 2009 or 2010 Rockshox Lyrik RC Location: 2115 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Want Travel Adjustable forks Price and price conditions: $425 + post (Post from Bris was about $20 or so, not much) Extra Info: Bought from RB in July, used lightly since-only a few times a month...
  19. stinky1138

    Rockshox servicing in Sydney

    Does anyone know of places that service RS in Syd ? I need the bushings in my forks replaced, TBSM says they don't do that in house. Was hoping some other place might, I don't want to have to be posting my forks around at this time of year if I don't have to.
  20. stinky1138

    NSW Sold Full 3x9 shifter/derailleur set, X7 & X9

    Item: 3x9 Shifter & Derailleur set, year unknown Location: Ermington/Silverwater, a trail Item Condition: Used. Cosmetically pretty ugly, functionally still good. Reason for selling: Upgraded Price and price conditions: $50 PENDING Extra Info: Set is off a 2009 Reign so are from that...