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  1. pharmaboy

    Grossmann in coma after urban downhillin Vuelta

    Saw this before any information was available, but it really beggars belief what the hell the organisers were up to There was nothing about this crash on the main page for the event, more to the point it seemed conspicuously absent. I...
  2. pharmaboy

    Freewheel failed - now have a fixie - Advice needed

    Ok brains trust, I'm "hoping" this is a small problem and you guys are going to say just "clean out the pawls and you'll be sweet fool", but this problem is a first for me, and cleaning and servicing then going out for a ride and having to walk 10kays home because I'm a numpty is an adventure...
  3. pharmaboy

    Anyone broken an XX1, X01 cassette?

    So anyway I was just riding along a bike path, and bang! At first I thought it was a broken chain, so of course yelled out "fucken chain", then a groan from the pain eminating from the groinal area, while wishing I had one of those 1980's BMX stem pads installed on my mountain bike. However...
  4. pharmaboy

    Adam Goodes - sook or wronged man? / Australia - Racist or Naive or No Worries?

    The world seems pretty split on this one, but I'm interested in fellow rotorburners views on the man and whether the booing is about race or is it about something else. As someone who was brought up never to boo at a sports game, the motivation eludes me, but over the last weeks I've thought...
  5. pharmaboy

    Woman MTBer missing in Yengo NP Just near the rural fire service at Bucketty her car has been found, but no sign of her - I'm assuming she is a mountain biker, and sure hope she is found alive and well
  6. pharmaboy

    Dust seals for rockshox question

    I have a 2013 SID 120 I need a seal kit, dust wipers for it. What I'm trying to figure out, is there any difference between the 2014 32mm kits and the 2013 32mm kits? One is black and one is grey obviously, but is it only the colour that is different?
  7. pharmaboy

    MTBA newsletter on cancellation rights and insurance

    I must admit I don't usually read all the emails I get, but just this morning read the MTBA s newsletter sent on Saturday which amongst other topics, handles the position of the MTBA on event cancellation and legalities. Essentially, they got legal advice, and that advice is that events are...
  8. pharmaboy

    NSW SOLD. Anthem 29er 0, large 2013. $1200

    For sale - if you need a second bike, this is it! Bike : Giant anthem 2013 frame set , build is from giant 2012 29 0 Size. : large - suit rider 6' to 6'2.5" Location: Newcastle , Central coast - I travel regularly Hornsby to mid north coast and New England Frame set is 400km old...
  9. pharmaboy

    Efficiency of walking v riding up a hill

    Hi guys, I'm interested to know at what point it becomes easier to walk up a hill rather than ride - 10%, 15%, 20%? What I observe in the shared trails I ride, is that I can comfortably ride at maybe 5 times the speed of a jogger on a flattish fire road when approaching from behind, but when...
  10. pharmaboy

    Are you a Psychopath?

    Here s a little test for psychopathic tendency Me-33%. - need to HTFU
  11. pharmaboy

    For the Strava nazi's

    How much does it hurt to lose a KOM ? Very funny this one.
  12. pharmaboy

    I need a Revelation on which fork to choose

    1st world dilemma - I have just ordered a tallboy aluminium in XL, and need to choose a fork, so the Rotorburn brains trust is required . Currently have a race bike with a. 120mm Sid on it, so building the TB as slightly more trail orientated, 3 choices I can find 1. Rockshox Revelation RL...
  13. pharmaboy

    NSW SOLD Rockshox 29er 100mm fork xc30 - $130 plus post , 2 rides old

    Hi guys. For sale Rockshox xc 30 100mm travel 29" fork Steerer 181mm TAPERED Model TK 29 firm coil spring Reason for selling, taken off specialized camber 29 Quick release Other Near new, came off bike in its first 2 weeks of ownership, probably around 5 rides old Pictures, will...
  14. pharmaboy


    Item: Hope Pro2 142mm conversion caps Location: Newcastle Item Condition: New in packet Reason for selling: selling bike Ibought it for -all bikes 135mm now Price and price conditions: $25 posted Extra Info: Pictures:
  15. pharmaboy

    NSW SOLD. shimano 10s XT shifters-pair, new in box

    Item: Shimano ispec 10s Pair - have bar clamps as well Location: Newcastle Item Condition: New in box Reason for selling: went XX1 Price and price conditions: $80 posted Extra Info: suit someone running shimano brakes, have them on my other bike- love em (just not as much as I love xx1...
  16. pharmaboy

    NSW SOLD. Specialized Camber 29er 2013 Large, <3mths old

    Hi guys, due to my purchase of a new pushie, and having 3 100mm travel 29ers in my garage, I must sell this one or face imminent divorce proceedings. Item . Specialized camber 29 2013 model LARGE Location. Newcastle, NSW - but I travel around so mid north coast and Sydney are delivery...
  17. pharmaboy

    Niner jet RDO by eleven

    My first bikebuild Build specs easton xc70 flat 685mm SID 120mm XX fork Spesh phenom saddle XX1 drivetrain - 32 tooth front ring, PF30 BB Avid elixir 9 brakes with XT rotors Hope hoops with crests Schwalbe Nobby front, RR rear ESI grips, Ritchey stem and post external cable...
  18. pharmaboy

    NSW SOLD Giant Reign 2 - XL 2011 , located Newcastle

    item. Giant Reign 2. 2011 Location. Newcastle - I get around cc, Sydney and mid north coast pretty often condition excellent - still on original drivetrain and brake pads - replaced tyres only reason for selling have ridden it twice in the last 18 months! price $1100 extra info...
  19. pharmaboy

    Hope pro II help - play in freehub

    To the technical gurus out there, I have a 5month old hope pro ii rear which is laced to crests, gears have been playing up a bit and difficult to change up the cassette (up as in going to easier gearing). I was changing the cassette over to a new one in perpetration for the Scott and when I...