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    TAS Santa Cruz Nomad v4 XL

    Item: 2019 Santa Cruz nomad 4 cc XL Location: Launceston Item Condition: excellent, has had frame wrap installed since new Reason for selling: smaller Price and price conditions: $2750 Extra Info: frame in awesome condition, purchased in February 2019 Call/text for more info 0439506803...
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    hey guys, heading over to europe for a for a family holiday shortly and was thinking i could hire a bike and have a sneaky week in switzerland.. but i don't really know where to go!! was thinking maybe lenzerheide?! any pointers on sweet trails would be appreciated!!
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    Ford Ranger MTB ad

    Yeah, pretty sure he's riding a new 27.5 rocky altitude!
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    TAS Sold!

    $3500 need it sold this week
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    TAS Sold!

    Price drop $4000
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    TAS Sold!

    Bump, now has new kashima upgrade on the forks (warranty job) !!
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    TAS Sold!

    Call or text me for more info, 0439506803. Will post interstate if needed!!!
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    TAS Sold!

    Ah yes haha, size is LARGE!!
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    TAS Sold!

    Item: 2013 Rocky Mountain element 970msl bc edition Location: launceston , tas Item Condition: great Reason for selling: upgrading to 2014 model!! Price and price conditions: sold Extra Info: I have up graded the cranks & gears to SRAM xx, Thompson bars and stem over stock.. Specs...
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    VIC Freeride Bike

    iv got a scott voltage fr10 2011... paid 5.000 a couple months ago, iv rode it about 5 times... will let it go for around $3500!!?
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    hey i have a 06 norco 416, awsome paint job?
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    clicky wheelset or hub set for 300 - 350 MAX posted!

    are you affter a single speed rear wheel?
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    DJ/Street Forks and Frame

    i have , argyle 318(2007) and a Norco 416 (2006) add me if interested :cool:
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    looking for argyles, gold lables

    argyle hey i have argyle 318 you could buy add me>>
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    hub spacing

    what frame is the one in question?
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    416 magic*

    thanks for the comments, and yer the 70mm is heaps cool, havent riden it much with them lowerd but it feels better and yer...
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    416 magic*

    here lads, is my steed 8) before lowering the forks frame: norco 416 - custom paint fork: argyle 318 - (70 mm) cranks: deity sprocket: profile wheels: ns hubs laced to atomlab pimp rims bars: npj wonderbars - raw finish stem: dmr headstock brake: juicy 7 seat & post: mc...
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    need items soon

    i have a shimano LX derailer.. pm me if your interested!
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    sold sold sold

    can u get some pics please
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    delete moi

    hey mate fairly interested! can you fix up the pic??