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    Flying with lube, sealant, brake fluid, etc

    Heading to Tassie tomorrow. Trying to work out what spares, etc, to take. What have burners’ experiences been with airport security and items like: - lube (Rock ‘n Roll Gold) - sealant (Stans) - hydraulic fluid (Reverb bleed kit) - brake fluid (Shimano mineral oil) Bike + Evoc bag = 23kg, so...
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    State of trails in Vic post rain Nov/Dec 2017?

    Have a boys weekend planned for the coming weekend (9-10 December). Was planning to head to Bright, Buller or Buxton, but wondering how the recent rains have affected trails. What’s closed? What’s open but should be left to dry out?
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    Instructional video recommendations?

    (Apologies if a good thread already exists, but I've done my best to get to grips with Rotorburn's advanced search without much joy) Does anybody have a good list of instructional videos? Anything good, but in particular I'm probably interested in ones where the skills aren't just described...
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    How hard are Buller's DH trails compared to the You Yangs?

    How advanced are the Buller DH shuttled trails compared to the You Yangs and/or the Epic trail? Myself and two mates are heading to Buller this weekend. Last year we did a single day on the Epic Trail (including the Stonefly descent) and loved it (albeit we were all felling the pinch because...
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    Possible to mount RH Reverb lever under bars with XT M8000 shifters and brakes?

    ------------------------ EDIT: It is. See latter post in this thread for discussion and pics: ------------------------...
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    Reduce lever play in Shimano hydraulic brakes?

    Can I reduce the brake lever play on my new Giant Trance X2 (hydraulic Shimano 485 brakes) easily? Is there a way to do it without bleeding brakes etc? At the moment it feels like there's lots of travel before anything happens - certainly much more than on my mate's new XT-equipped Giant...
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    Tyre pressure: 75kg, Trance X2, for Yarra trails?

    I'm a new MTBer who has just got a Giant Trance X2. I've read about the suggested starting point for suspension setup, but can't find much for noobs on tyre pressure. I let a bit of air out on my last ride, and felt I was getting better traction than at the pressure it left the shop at. But...
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    Giant Trance/Trance X: frame size for 174cm tall roadie?

    Looking to buy my first MTB, with almost no MTB experience. However I ride a road bike everyday (don't own a car) and I'm not sure if that is helping or hindering trying to choose the correct frame size. I've sat on a few different sized bikes at my LBS, but riding around the store isn't much...