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  1. yiannos18

    VIC 27.2 400mm seat post (FOUND)

    Item: 27.2mm diameter x 400mm long seat post Location: Metro Melbourne preferably Price range/Willing to Pay: Up to $30 Extra Info: Not fussed on brand or colour, just picked up a bike and the seatpost doesn't have enough range for me :(
  2. yiannos18

    VIC WTB: 2008 Giant Yukon FX (Small)

    Item: 2008 Giant Yukon FX Location: Melbourne area, willing to arrange a pick up location Price range/Willing to Pay: $350-$450 Extra Info: Small frame size, complete bike would be preferable. As long as its in reasonably good condition, I'm happy. My girlfriend wants this bike and if it...
  3. yiannos18

    Light mount to fit GoPro attachment

    Hey everyone, with the winter nights well and truly upon us, I am struggling to mount lights to my Lazer Oasiz helmet, without going full ghetto using duct tape. I know that Lazer did make a mount that simulated handlebars to loop the rubber/silicone/whatever band around, called the Multi...
  4. yiannos18

    Knock Knock - 2012 RP23 Adaptive Logic

    hi everyone, I'm experiencing a bit of an issue with my rear shock.. It knocks quite significantly on rebound. I've linked the video to this post so you can get an idea of what it is. It started off as excess stiction and a reluctance to move past the sag...
  5. yiannos18

    Shimano Press Fit BB tool

    hi everyone, just wondering, to remove and install a Shimano Press Fit BB (BB71), will I need these tools? - - thanks :)
  6. yiannos18

    Driver/Passenger Behaviour

    so I was riding up High Street, Kew today just before the Cotham Road turn off. Anyway, all the cars were stopped behind a tram, which was fine and I figured I'd proceed slowly along all the stopped cars (not breaking the law, in my bike lane as close to the curb as possible). So I get closer to...
  7. yiannos18

    2012 Giant Trance X0 BB

    I'm currently out looking for a new BB for the Trance and I really am not sure what I have to buy! there's a million different BB standards and I am lost. I read that the Trance is a BB71, but I also read that BB71 is the same as a BB91 and to me that doesn't sound right at all.. so I'm...
  8. yiannos18

    XC Build Thread: Half Fat Giant SS (on hold)

    Once uni is finished for the semester, I shall be undertaking the role of stripping the bike down to the bare frame and starting all over again.. with a bit of a twist. I've ridden a fat bike (thank you gcouyant) and since then, have loved the way it goes. Yes you do get rattled around a bit...
  9. yiannos18

    Fox Dyad RT2 frame compatibility

    hey there everyone! I was just surfing the net of all the awesome AM bikes out there and I couldn't help but remember the Cannondale Jekyll/Claymore with the awesome Dyad RT2 shock.. now this may seem like a stupid question but I'm sure there are other people out there that have either had...
  10. yiannos18

    VCE Year 12s 2011

    Hi fellow year 12s! I'm assuming that most of you on here did the English exam and you heard the news about how the VCAA plagiarised Helen Razer's work? If not, here it is! wouldn't you know it...
  11. yiannos18

    Thudbuster ST or LT?

    hey everyone, I'm considering purchasing a thudbuster suspension seatpost for my hardtail as I find that I can't ride for longer than 2 hours without feeling like I've been tossed around in a washing machine and need opinions on which model is better as I'd just like to ride for longer! Thanks :)
  12. yiannos18


    Hey everyone! Rotorburn newbie who blasts around the Main Yarra Trail (predominantly Templestowe) and looking for a group of riders to link up with for rides when I have the time (I'm currently in year 12...). Already met an outstanding bloke by the name of George yesterday who recommended me...