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  1. ---Matt---

    VIC Mountain Bike circuit in Quarry Park Footscray

    I was down there today. Great job getting it all done. I know how hard it is dealing with the council. The pump track is my favourite but the"xc" trails are fun for beginners. Does anyone know is there is a maintenance plan in place for the descending trails as the berms are already getting a...
  2. ---Matt---

    Mount Buller new EPIC trail

    Depends on what you mean by open. Is the trail there? Yes. Is it maintained? No. Will you get in trouble for riding it? Highly unlikely.
  3. ---Matt---

    Mt buninyong trails

    I was out there yesterday and the trails are in great nick. Just be aware there's a tree down on Mrs Cow around a corner (about 1/2 way down the trail). It was too big to move on my own and will need to be cut. Thanks to the trail fairies!
  4. ---Matt---

    Giant warranty claim options

    Glad they got you the new bike. The transfer fee is charged by the bike shop, right? My understanding is that's the bike shops cost to build the bike up. I could be wrong... Out of interest, what bad things have you heard about the 2017 frames? Got any links/references?
  5. ---Matt---

    Giant warranty claim options

    You'll almost certainly get a complete new bike. I broke my 2011 26" Anthem X2 (alu), and they replaced it with a 2012 26" Anthem Advanced (carbon) frame. When I cracked the carbon frame in 2014, they replaced that with an entire new bike - 2014 27.5" Anthem Advanced 0 frame with Anthem 1...
  6. ---Matt---

    Mt Buller - All you need to know

    Yeah, I definitely wouldn't recommend the full circuit road loop (its bad enough just driving it), but using it to get to TBJ wouldn't be the worst climb ever. The fire road from TBJ to the top of Stirling would be a challenge in itself but nowhere near as bad as riding up Klingsporn.
  7. ---Matt---

    Mt Buller - All you need to know

    Yep Klingsporn is closed to bikes now by DEPI. It sucks! You wouldn't have much luck riding up Klingsporn anyway. Its difficult to walk in parts let alone ride. They are all big climbs on your list. I've ridden up the road from Mirimbah on the MTB and it's definitely the easiest way to the...
  8. ---Matt---

    The You Yangs Thread

    Trav/anyone know what's happening with the epic loop? Is it going to be extended up to the stockyards? The sections already there starting at the rangers hut are great, but it'd be awesome to have a complete singletrack loop.
  9. ---Matt---

    Mt Buller - All you need to know

    Completely agree with everything said here. A full face isn't required on Klingsporn but I've had some good stacks there so it's full face only for me these days. The DH trails under the chairlift require a full face. There's plenty of summer accommodation on the mountain and it's...
  10. ---Matt---

    Melbourne dirt jumps

    They might have been there... 12 years ago
  11. ---Matt---

    Suggestions to replace my Rapid Bob tyres

    What's wrong with the Rapid Robs that you have? I run the Rapid Rob's because they are insanely cheap and have as good or better cornering/climbing grip than the other low rolling resistance tyres I've tried (including Maxxis Crossmarks, Conti Race King, Ritchey Shield). At $23 a piece from...
  12. ---Matt---

    Redbull Rampage 2015

    Best course preview ever!
  13. ---Matt---

    Daylesford/Hepburn Springs trails?

    Cheers for the invite! I was feeling it more yesterday than I did on Sunday.
  14. ---Matt---

    GPS Computer options

    I haven't used one so I'm not 100% sure. By the looks of it you can backtrack along your "bread crumb trail" back to the start or follow a predefined course that you upload from the computer (seems flaky/unreliable based on the forum threads I've read) but I can't see any reference to returning...
  15. ---Matt---

    GPS Computer options

    I'm not sure about all the other options out there but I've had a Garmin Edge 800 for the last few years and I've been extremely happy with it. It's been all around the world with me, including multiple trips to Whistler and various other bike parks for DH as well as XC. If you want maps then...
  16. ---Matt---

    H.E Park Heathmont VIC

    I might be keen on tagging along, but I haven't been there for years. What's the plan? Is there dirt on site? Do you have a layout/plans yet?
  17. ---Matt---

    Shimano mineral oil?

    I wonder if he found that out in the 6 years since he posted?
  18. ---Matt---

    Mount Buller new EPIC trail

    Think of it this way: Abom/International/Copperhead/Yellowpost/Outlaw Express (4 - 7min runs) - Consider this the DH shuttled zone (Only shuttling the top of the hill) Klingsporn/Delatite (20 - 40min runs) - AM shuttled zone (bottom of the mountain to the top) Stonefly/Corn Hill (2hr+ rides)...
  19. ---Matt---

    The You Yangs Thread

    I think you'll find that he's referring to the widely accepted IMBA rules which are posted on the trail maps at the You Yangs... Specifically: See here if you want more info:
  20. ---Matt---

    Mt Buller - All you need to know

    I've got no complaints about riding Abom on a hardtail other than sore ankles, so a ~6" dually should be fine. You're right, the faster you go the harder it gets.