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  1. bitterbro

    A science nerd thread.

    i did that one last year it was really interesting. we didn't look directly at the heart but visceral arteries and veins, and we used drugs such as atropine and adrenaline. i think we also used propanolol can't remember. and we examined the effects under microscopes, so we could actually see how...
  2. bitterbro

    Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2010

    Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round And Round Cloud Control - Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why) Deerhunter - Helicopter El Guincho - Bombay Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes National, The - Terrible Love Tame Impala - It Is Not Meant To Be...
  3. bitterbro

    I phone 4

    i think the only thing it'll automatically download is email, and you can disable that by going to settings, email then 'fetch new data' and select manually. that way it will only download email when you open the email app. in saying that 150mb is plenty and will last you a month even if you...
  4. bitterbro

    The Hip Hop thread if you ever here a mad sample, chuck in the song name to that site and it'll show you all the samples used. absolutely love it
  5. bitterbro

    Electric Guitar

    death jazz? so good. such a smooth guitar cover. anyone know typical notes to include in jazz chords? i love the little chords played in the verses. he does some metallica and ozzy osbourne smooth jazz covers as well.
  6. bitterbro

    Top Gear season 15

    it's been months of old SBS re-runs. channel nine, the bunch of wankers, have replayed old episodes thinking we haven't seen them. about fucking time we got some new ones.
  7. bitterbro

    2010 Snow season thread

    if you've been skiing for that long you should feel pretty comfortable on your feet and know not only your limits, but the way the skiis will act. so just give it a shot. start small with 180's then go bigger with the 180's and then 360's etc.
  8. bitterbro

    I phone 4

    what the fuck, i went to download the new update, but it said install the new iTunes. so i did. now i plug my phone into the computer and it says: "iTunes requires a newer version of apple mobile device support" then it tells me to uninstall itunes and re-install it. halp???
  9. bitterbro

    2010 Snow season thread

    it's too early to tell. any snow that could drop now or even in a few weeks would be no indication of how good the season would be. in 1982 it started snowing early april, but it turned out to be one of the weakest seasons on record, and in one of the biggest seasons, it didn't start really...
  10. bitterbro

    Good Places to Work??

    Any where that will take you is a good place to work.
  11. bitterbro

    The Snow Thread

    ever seen a lose board slide down a hill? i've seen it take a man's finger off. If you're taking your board off up the top of a hill and for some reason, you don't grip it properly, they go loose and go wild. It's for when taking off your board to save accidents, like a board on the lose.
  12. bitterbro

    Halo 24 inch white rims. sold

    bump. give us an offer. i'm kind of really keen to get rid of these
  13. bitterbro

    What are you listening to NOW? so, so, so good
  14. bitterbro

    Halo 24 inch white rims. sold

    Item: 24 halo tornado white rims Location: Sydney north (turramurra) Item Condition: brand new Reason for selling: not using. where going towards a build, that never got built. Price and price conditions: $45 each Extra Info: prefer pick up, will post at buyers expence Pictures:
  15. bitterbro

    Getting rid of a hickey.

    Tell your boss it was a man. They won't ask anymore questions
  16. bitterbro

    gap year

    Yeah i thought about doing it, and came to the conclusion it would cost too much and is a lot more effort than it would be just to get drunk in europe. It's quite hard to organise, especially if you don't have a contact that can hook you up with a job on the fields. and then the cost alone of...
  17. bitterbro

    Official 2010 Snow Season

    Just joined the Ski club at Uni and will be doing Uni games this year in Buller (i think) Probably going to compete in GS, super G, slopestyle, moguls and ski cross. should be so fun
  18. bitterbro

    apple ipod touch pros and cons

    How on earth do you do that? I have 1gb and an entire week of youtube, downloading music and web browsing won't even chew 250mb.
  19. bitterbro

    Mediation on Rotorburn

    Hey John. I would like to appologise in advanced, if i ever say anything nasty to you. I don't want poop in my letterbox Thanks. Nic
  20. bitterbro

    PAPOY Farkiners

    Such a let down. I thought you were the real Harvey Birdman