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  1. FatYZ0

    Post your NORCO

    Why not post mine up. It is also for sale.
  2. FatYZ0

    DH Cranks and Vivid Ti Spring Please HELP

    Dude i do not see why that would offend anyone as it is so true. i know i am not the skinniest of people but i am planning on doing that as well. The spring is only a drawing bored thing at this stage but in saying that the cranks are defiantly going to get changed as they look shit house.
  3. FatYZ0

    DH Cranks and Vivid Ti Spring Please HELP

    Thanks heaps guys. Please keep them coming and please No Old saints i have had the before and got rid of the cause of transport problems
  4. FatYZ0

    DH Cranks and Vivid Ti Spring Please HELP

    Hey guys. I am looking at trying to make my bike lighter and i have two questions for you all. 1. I have a Rock Shox Vivid shock and i am looking for a Ti spring. does anyone know someone who makes them to fit? 2. I am in the line for new cranks as well as mine have seen a fair bit of...
  5. FatYZ0

    2009 Mt. Buller Nats 31/01/09 * NEW PICS Page 12 *

    Hey mate, Just wondering if you have any of number 815, I was wearing Black Fox shorts black Fox pinstripe top. TLD hotwheels helmet with blur googles. i was ridding a 2008 Norco Atomik. Thanks james
  6. FatYZ0

    2009 National Series Round-4 Mt Buller

    Hey dude, Have you got any of 815, Ridding a 2008 Norco Atomik in fox pinstripe and black shorts. E-mail
  7. FatYZ0

    "The One and Only H.E Thread" (Heathmont Jumps)

    Na he aint got it yet To busy writing off his mates cars as a stunt double!!!
  8. FatYZ0


    Nice work on getting the results up so fast Sam. The weekend was awsome and ran nice and smooth. and the changes in the track were sweet as.
  9. FatYZ0

    Hot as an Atomik Bomb Blast

    The boxxer decals are the genuine Rock Shox Decal kit but i have gone and put green book covering under neath to give it the green look.
  10. FatYZ0

    Hot as an Atomik Bomb Blast

    Dude there aint nothing wrong with the norcos. They have good geo and ride really well.
  11. FatYZ0

    Post Your Wallpaper

    Hey are a few of mine
  12. FatYZ0

    Hot as an Atomik Bomb Blast

    yh i would get one but i dont think my brother would like me to much if i did. he has one on his. The Vivid i would have to say is an awsome shox and wont be going back to a fox any time soon. the only thing i dont like about it is that you prity much need to pull my frame apart to get the...
  13. FatYZ0

    Hot as an Atomik Bomb Blast

    Hey Guys i have never posted this up but have been working on it over the last year. Let me know what you all think of it. Frame - 2008 Norco Atomik Rear shock - Rock Shox 5.1 Vivid Front shock/fork - Rock Shox Boxxers Handlebars - Sunline V-One 750mm Stem - E-13 Ali Direct Mount Stem...
  14. FatYZ0

    Get Well Soon 24alpha (Hux)

    As i am sure most of us know you from all of you great pictures for the website we all send you our best wishes on behalf of the victorian Down Hill squad get well soon.
  15. FatYZ0

    Vic Down Hill Series 08 - Long Gully

    once again the mtbpics crew are opening our eyes to the great ridding by the whole of the vic series ridders. All the way from Elite to Novice, Well done to all of you and cant wait for Barjarg. ;) James
  16. FatYZ0

    Check the new GT

    It is one hell of a sexy machine. It will be good that there is already the full carbon laha that it can go up against to compete with. I cant wait for monza to bring the in for the press relese in melbourne
  17. FatYZ0

    Time for a new Bike....Blog.

    Hell Farkin Yeah Hux God Dam i am jelious of you now. Dude just remember anything you need and i am here. i am glad she built up nicely. and i bet she is one hell of a ride:rolleyes:
  18. FatYZ0

    my Glory

    bikes looking sweet as dude. Good work with the changes
  19. FatYZ0

    Vic Champs 08 - International

    Hey where is my name hux. Doesnt matter. I understand if you dont use any pictures i took.
  20. FatYZ0

    mt buller state champs

    Does anyone know were they are parking everyone as they didnt think to well about it last time.