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  1. Case king

    homemade handle bar timing system

    Yesterday I made a handle bar timing sytem. It only cost $20.00 and works great. I picked all the parts up from Jaycar. All it is is a stopwatch with a remote button. It is fully sealed so no water will get in. I didnt solder anything inside of the of the stopwatch only outside The button...
  2. Case king

    fox spring 300/350 lb spring

    Item: Fox shox spring to fit 9.5 dhx Location: vic Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 max Extra Info: im looking for a 300/350lb x 3.25 must have no rust and no heavy scratches
  3. Case king

    Big hill round six race/Q. pics Photobucket link up

    I ONLY got elite men, elite women and U19 as i had to go up and do my run. Elite men Elite women U/19 sample...
  4. Case king

    pics of my baw baw

    hey was just wondering if the marshal who had the photos of my crash:( was able to post the pics here. 975 and had the red and white 661 jersey. they were taken at the roll in thingy on Saturday in the mt baw baw cheers
  5. Case king

    Mt baw baw pics. (sunday practice)

    here are a few photos i took after i hurt my wrist:mad: im not pro or anything if anyone else has a few odd photos feel free to post them here