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  1. Russell Boothey

    (SOLD) Black Dickies Shorts 34's BRAND NEW! Price Drop!

  2. Russell Boothey

    New or Used Shimano Road Pedals and Cleats, 105 or Ultegra. Used Road Shoes us9/eu43!

    Gday, I just bought a roadie and im after any new or used road gear, let me know what you have and ill consider it. Things im looking for are: Shimano road pedals, 105, Ultergra or Dura Ace...for the right price Road Stems Road Shoes, middle to higher end. Road...
  3. Russell Boothey

    Mods please delete :)

    please delete
  4. Russell Boothey

    DnT Major work ideas, anything bike related?

    Hey Everyone. Next term ill be starting my DNT HSC major work and i need some help with ideas. I would like to do design and construct somthing bike related, but if youve got a really good idea in another field id be all ears. Im not being slack, i just want to know what you guys think...
  5. Russell Boothey

    Custom 2011 Giant Glory00, 2011 trace x2, DMR transition and old school ss roadie.

    Hey guys. So here they are... 2011 giant glory 00. 2011 giant trance x2 DMR Transition 26 Old School ss roadie Group photo.
  6. Russell Boothey

    20mm 32h front hub. $50-$60

    hey guys, Just after a 20mm 32h good quality front hub with smooth bearings. Dosnt have to be high end. Only want to spend $50-$60. Send me a PM or ring/text me on 0407054678 Cheers. Russell.
  7. Russell Boothey

    NSW Sold

  8. Russell Boothey

    NSW Sold

    SOLD G,day. Item: Dmr Transiton 26 (One size fits all) Location:Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650 Item Condition:Good. Used but not abused Price and price conditions:$1000. buyer pays post. Reason for selling: Dosnt get used, i just bought an AM bike. Extra Info:This is a super fun...
  9. Russell Boothey Is it a scam?

    Hey guys. The other day i came across the website im just wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has used it in the past. heres the link: Cheers. Russell Boothey
  10. Russell Boothey

    NSW Please Remove

    No longer beig sold
  11. Russell Boothey

    DVD Rippers To Laptop?

    Hey, Just wondering if anyone could recommend some DVD rippers, to convert dvd's into computer files and prices, but would like to keep it cheap. Also im really keen to start making short films from DVD's (trailers kinda). Any info or pointers, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  12. Russell Boothey

    08 Marz 4x WC air pressures.

    hey, Just wondering if any one could tell whether the pressures in the Marz 4x Wc have to be the same in both stanchions, as they are different valves. heres a pic, Couldnt find any top views. Cheers.
  13. Russell Boothey

    Wagga's 'Awesomness' DH. More photos...

    Hey. Just thought id post some pics of Wagga's dh track...its more like a mound than a hill though. Didnt get all the cool parts of the track but there is some nice shots. This is also, basically my first 'ever' ride with clip ins, hah so go easy. Im riding the glory, with the black and...
  14. Russell Boothey

    NSW sold.

    items been sold
  15. Russell Boothey

    mods please remove

    Had a few changes...
  16. Russell Boothey

    Spray painting helmets?

    please delete found what i wanted.
  17. Russell Boothey

    please remove, got the bike back.

    Got the bike back.
  18. Russell Boothey

    NSW sold...

    bikes been sold...
  19. Russell Boothey

    DH Custom 09 glory (full sram build) 2010 Boxxer World Cups.

    Hey This is my 09 Giant glory IT'S SOOOOOOO GOOD. Have to give a huge thanks to Ben Morrison (Moshy) for an awesome deal. Looks 100% better in the flesh and blood, these photos dont do it any justice!!! SPEC::eek: Frame -09 GIANT glory shock -Fox dhx5 Ti spring forks -Rock Shox Boxxer WC...
  20. Russell Boothey

    Please remove

    Please remove