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    Moto hire?

    The shell servo in Bright used to hire KTMs (registered). I have not been up there for a while, give them a call.... Buy a dirt bike mag and check the classifieds?
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    The "holy f*#k that's a long way to ride a bike" bike packing thread.

    Great reading Craig, keep the posts coming.
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    Post your 29er!

    Nice job. Are the hubs painted or powder coated?
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    Afghanistan, Do we stay or do we leave?

    Leave, not our war.
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    Crank length?

    measure your inside leg and google correct crank length. Sheldon Brown had a lot to say also so try a google- Sheldon Brown crank length. some people feel shorter crank is good for spinners while longer crank is good for those who prefer to grind a bigger gear. I run 175/ 170 and 172.5...
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    Tyre width vs Rim width

    What width are your mates rims? There is so little diff between 2.5 and 2.35 it would make no difference. If you use a DH wheel for XC you will just have a really heavy wheel.... Many people use XC wheels with 1.5 or even 1.25 slicks for the road.
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    If you watch it backwards...

    It must have been raining in Torquay today......
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    Little Things You Hate

    your fingers, your choice. When you loose them it won't help to say not my fault. They will be gone...... CHECK EVERY TIME
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    QLD Found

    That's all she's worth eh? get her a decent ride and she may actually like the thing, get her a heap of sh!t and it will never get used.
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    new rider with a question about transportation of bike

    no problem removing wheels. To make life easier always put it into smallest cog at the back before removing wheel. Get a roof mount carrier, check ebay or put a wanted ad on here.
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    Two lights? Or is one enough?

    ^^ + 2..........
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    If you won the lottery........

    This would have to be it...
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    More CRC bashing, my order has gone AWOL.

    Remember that CRC probably get 100s of orders an hour so there is a good chance the item was in stock 10 seconds ago.... I have made orders where i know stuff is not yet in stock and they have emailed to ask i want to cancel the out of stock item so the can process the order. I...
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    You still after these??
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    Hong Kong ebayers

    No problems but takes longer as above.....
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    Waterproof/Backlight Computers...???

    Try and avoid pressing buttons on any computer in heavy rain as this increases the chance of water getting past seals....
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    Dodgy Pink Bike For Sale thread?

    well spotted, that is really sus. He has lots of stuff to sell, i wonder which who the other bike belongs to....
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    Chainring bolts stuck??

    Go to Bunnings or a tool shop.