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    ACT WTB 24” Boys bike

    Item: 24 inch mountain bike Location: Canberra region, happy to travel to surrounding towns Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $250 Extra Info: Middle son needs a new bike, I'm after a 24” bike with disc brakes. Not too fussed on the condition as I’m happy to fix it up. Girls or boys bike ok...
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    Bike Path bike

    Just moved to Canberra and I'm in the market for bike path bike. Something to pedal with the young blokes to school, shops, parks. It needs to have rack mounts for the little tackers seat. So who in the Canberra region has a old hardtail in size large with rack mounts either a complete bike or...
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    Cycling event suggestions please

    I've just had my plans to ride in the LEtape derailed due to family commitments so I am looking for another endurance cycling event in October to November within about 4 hours drive of Sydney. Current options are Highland Fling Solo 24hr Kowalski Classic Needs to be a weekend event so I...
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    Giant warranty claim options

    My current 26" wheeled Anthem X is at the shop for a warranty claim for a cracked down tube. This frame is a carbon replacement for my cracked alloy anthem which was a replacement for a cracked NRS.... When I was given the carbon frame I was informed that the next time I make a warranty claim I...
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    Wylde MTB trail Western Sydney Parklands

    As anybody on RB ridden the new Wylde MTB trail at Cecil Park yet? How does it compare to other trails in the Sydney region? How long is the track? Is it suitable for kids? 6 and 8 year boys. Sorry for all the questions but I'd like to know before I commit to an hour drive to get there.
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    How to psych your kids up for a ride

    For a change tonight's family dinner TV watching was You Tube videos of Danny Macaskill, after the third one the cry goes up from my six year old "Daddy can we go to the bike track behind the new Hornsby pool tomorrow?" Oh yeah I go, so if you're at OMV tomorrow afternoon and see a 40ish bloke...
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    Status of East Kowen and Sparrow Hill

    I'm going to be in Canberra next weekend and plan to ride at East Kowen and Sparrow Hill and I want to know if all the trails are open and if any logging has closed any parts off. Any information regarding trail status will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Warranty dilemma is 27.5 right for me?

    The dilemma I have is this. My 26" alloy Anthem has cracked the seat tube top tube junction just as my old NRS did 5 years ago. Giant has been great and it is covered under warranty however they have offered me a complete Anthem 27.5 1 for $2000 which is $1300 off the list price. I'm happy...
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    Elixer R vs Shimano SLX/XT

    Help needed to resolve a dilemma I have. I need to replace my brakes on my anthem, I can go and buy a set of xt or SLX from crc for about 240 both of which are very good and everybody seams to recommend them. HOWEVER... A mate will sell me his 3 year old Elixer R brakes and 3 year fox forks...
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    Riding to St Albans

    A questions for those of you who have ridden the Convict trail in the St Albans region of NSW I am staying at the Mogo Creek camp ground this weekend which is close to the Convict Trail north from Wisemans Ferry. I have ridden the trail many times and done the DW/Convict 100 3 times so I know...
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    XT or SLX crankset

    After some advice about the advantages of a XT crankset over SLX, cost isn't an issue however if the cheaper one is as good then I can buy other stuff. For example: Is the XT crankset significantly lighter? ie more than 100g's Does the XT bb have better bearings? Any chainring issues, can...
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    St Ives ride

    Hi All, I'm planning a ride form Acron Oval on the weekend and I need some advice on single track in the area. Having ridden around the Northern Beaches since 1996 I think I know where all the tracks are, however I haven't been riding there for a few years due to an overseas posting. I would...
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    Bottom Bracket question

    I currently have an ISIS bottom bracket, following the CP100 there is a need to replace the BB which will be the 3rd in 18 months:mad:. So my questions are Do I replace the ISIS BB with a new one or upgrade to a new external XT/SLX crankset? Which will give me reduced pedalling...
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    Mogo trails this weekend

    Calling all Mogo locals, I'm heading down for the long weekend and I'm planning a ride and I just wanted to know if they are in good nick or did they get too wet the other weekend? If anybodies interested i was thinking of starting out at the Maulbrooks road trails, for a first run down the...
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    Hot off the website is the following. "Please note the sheduled Rnd 6 XC race has been cancelled due to the poor weather. This is for the saftey of riders and the longevity of the track. The CCOMTB comittee apologise for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation." Which will save me...
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    2010 Capital Punishment 100km Ticket for Sale

    For Sale at face value of $130 an entry for the 100km Capital Punishment race on 29th May 2010. Has to be sold for medical reasons, $20 cheaper than the current price on the website. PM me for details. If the sale is done by 4th May there will be no additional fees for changing details.
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    XC disc brakes which ones

    Ok I need to get some new disc brakes for my Anthem. Currently have the old (2004) Hayes HFX jobs of my old bike and they starting to show their age. So my criteria are Budget $300-$400 for front and rear complete. Must be easy to adjust to get perfect alignment, my Hayes are a pain. The...
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    Giant NRS 2 shock settings

    Urgent need help for the weekend.... I have had to borrow a mates NRS for this weekends MWMTB club race and I need to now what the shock settings should be for me. The shock is the RockShoc SID XC fitted to an 03 NRS 2 what pressure should the shock be set to for a 85kg rider?? for both...
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    Remove the DJ at Manly Vale School

    Could whoever built the DJ in the corner of Manly Vale public school car park please remove it. If you need to build DJ's go to red hill where there are already plenty. The Manly Dam track is a fantastic example of MTB track building working in harmony with other trail users and every effort...