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  1. kemmis

    western sydney regional park.

    I know there has been a previous thread, however to save the grave dig. I emailed WSRP about the possibility of another xc track. As most of you know the 2000 olympics used the area. I got a quick reaponse staring that they hope to start construction within a few months. So I figure shoot them...
  2. kemmis

    Trials EHCO ECHO echo echoooooo

    Her is my (26inch) and my mates (24inch) trials bikes. very happy with them, trials is alot of fun. get amongst it for sure!
  3. kemmis

    NSW sold

    sold sold sold
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    NSW Sold

  5. kemmis

    what would you do with 20 million dollars?

    so this could be a flop. After seeing the what would you do if you won the lotto thread for am bikes, I thought it would be cool to see what you guys would do with 20million dollars just in your everyday life. I will kick it off - I would go on a 6 month holiday - share some money...
  6. kemmis

    NSW sold.

    Item: Leatt GPX Club Medium Location: Campbelltown Item Condition: Excellent, one non noticable scuff. Cant get it to show up in pictures Reason for selling: Not riding anymore Price and price conditions: $250 Extra Info: will post at buyers expense, or pickup. It has everything it came...
  7. kemmis


    I am thinking about boxing and have been for a while, what are your thoughts on it? any one tried it and liked it? any advice? I figure I will just train but eventually I will have the urge to test it out in the ring, what are my odds of getting seriously hurt in amateur boxing? ie brain damage?
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    NSW Please delete

    please delete
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    NSW Sold

    ............ sold
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    Item: 2007 Giant Glory 8 1. Location: Campbelltown NSW. Item Condition: good, usual shuttle and wearing scratches. Bent shock bolt. Reason for selling: New bike Price and price conditions: $900 Extra Info: I am selling this bike for Rohan gleeson. Please direct all questions to him on...
  11. kemmis

    NSW found

    Item: RocK shox Vivid 4.1 spring 400 2.75 Location: Sydney Nsw Price range/Willing to Pay: you offer Extra Info: prefferably pickup, i need it soon.
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  13. kemmis

    Please Delete

    Now selling as complete.
  14. kemmis

    The trees just wouldn't move.

    If you look closely at the tree I hit, the first hit takes all the top bark off and the second one takes all the lower bark off. Weird
  15. kemmis

    Your favorite photo of 2009

    Well it seemed to worked last year and we are nearing the end of 2009, so pretty much just post up your favorite 09 photo. If you are going to post someone elses work be sure to give credit where credit is due.
  16. kemmis

    NSW Sold

    Item: Eastern Nighttrain 09 Location: Campbelltown Item Condition: Perfect, only 4 weeks old. has one scuff on the seatstay. Reason for selling: Rather be riding my dh bike Price and price conditions: $1300 , price drop $1200 NOW $1100 Extra Info: I can put it in for its free service if...
  17. kemmis

    YOUR street.

    Basically I was thinking it would be cool to have a competition, not really between 2 people, but one person sets and the rest (as many people as want to play) have to match it to continue on. The next set will be from the first person to post one after completing the first trick. So you don't...
  18. kemmis

    DJ All aboard the NIGHT TRAIN

    My shiny new bike arrived today, super easy to spin, throw about and manual. Just really fun to ride
  19. kemmis

    riding my bicycle.

    Some pictures from the mornings ride, c&c welcome. i tried to scrub haha not very well. and time to go home
  20. kemmis

    NSW please delete

    Please delete.