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    LBS joy

    This is just a shout out for some AWESOME service That I have received from RIVIERA CYCLES in Bairnsdale over the last Month. I've been running school MTB trips up there for the last month and Gary has come up with the goods every time. Broken chain/derailer no probs give me an hour, Any cool...
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    STOLEN Stolen Diamondback Toponga MTB

    2005 Model Diamondback Toponga Mtb was stolen from King st Bendigo on Wed the 8th of April 2009. It was stolen between 12.00 and 03:30am. The bike had Sunn Wheels, Marzocchi Forks, Hayes Sole dics, Shimano DX pedals, and a carbon seatpost. The bike also had on it CATEYE TRIPLE SHOT PRO'S...