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    Aldi 29er

    I have looked at this, and a tapered fork can’t be fitted. The head set cups in the frame are too shallow by about 5mm to fit the lower race required for a tapered fork in a straight head tube. I was gutted as my son was so keen to upgrade the fork. Cane Creek sell a headset specially designed...
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    What Bike Do You Regret Selling?

    Like Tim the Clyde I regret selling a great bike for too little to fund my first dually. Bike sold was a 1993 KHS Montana comp steel hard tail, wish I’d kept it as it was such a great bike that I’d had since new. The GF Y bike that replaced it felt great at the time but wasn’t really as good.
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    ACT WTB 24” Boys bike

    Item: 24 inch mountain bike Location: Canberra region, happy to travel to surrounding towns Price range/Willing to Pay: up to $250 Extra Info: Middle son needs a new bike, I'm after a 24” bike with disc brakes. Not too fussed on the condition as I’m happy to fix it up. Girls or boys bike ok...
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    Anyone ridden Moab, Utah?

    Not sure what changes have happen since 1996 when I rode Moab but it was brilliant then, all I can advise is don’t miss Arches National Park which is just out town to the north east or Cayonlands which is just out of town to the north west. Take a good camera you will not regret it, all the...
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    Thredbo New All Mountain Trail

    Thanks, should have asked for a comparison before is the track more like Pork Barrel or Slick Rock at Stromlo?
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    Thredbo New All Mountain Trail

    Thinking of taking my 12year down to Thredbo for his birthday is the All Mountain track really hard or can it be ridden by less experienced riders at slower pace. Don’t care how long it takes to get down just want give him different experience from Stromlo. Thoughts?
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    Rotorburn strava

    Joined up, I enjoy Strava for the ride info it gives me and the bragging rights back to my mates in Sydney who don’t have the same access to trails we have in Canberra. My wife likes the beacon function as I ride a lot by myself. I’ll be at Stromlo tonight to start my activity off
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Yes, 1, is it easy to fit to a car 2, once set up is it easy to fit different sized bikes on 3, space to attach a number plate holder permanently? 4, robust or a flimsy heap of .....
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    Anybody here had any experience with this Yakima bike rack The alternative is either an ISI or Grip Sport rack The Grip looks the go but is ISI worth the extra given I won't be venturing far off the road in the car...
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    Bike Path bike

    Thanks for the tip, that Looks good for my needs just a bit more than I was hoping to spend however less hassle to get riding. A quick 1x9 conversion and raid my parts bin and I'll be all set
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    Bike Path bike

    Just moved to Canberra and I'm in the market for bike path bike. Something to pedal with the young blokes to school, shops, parks. It needs to have rack mounts for the little tackers seat. So who in the Canberra region has a old hardtail in size large with rack mounts either a complete bike or...
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    Official Old Mans Valley MTB Park - Hornsby

    At the track work last weekend they were hoping that the full 7km will be open in a months time. The only downside is the fire road up to quarry road will still be closed. There will be a new entrance up by the pool and all the trails under the pool will be open, from there you will be able to...
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    If you want to Ride Kowen/Sparrow now is the time

    What will happen to the Kowalski 100? I was planning on riding this year.
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    Cycling event suggestions please

    Thanks for those suggestions, I had no idea about the Fitz challenge. That might be one for next year. Serious bike rides have been put on hold as we're renovating to sell up here in Sydney and move to Canberra so I have even less free time for training.
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    Cycling event suggestions please

    My thoughts so far are Fling 100 mile would be a big push but more fun and cheaper than the solo 24 and I get free accomodation in a house in Bundanoon. I've done the Fling twice so I know what I'd be in for I think........ The Kowalski will definitely be the most fun Might do the Kow as...
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    Cycling event suggestions please

    I've just had my plans to ride in the LEtape derailed due to family commitments so I am looking for another endurance cycling event in October to November within about 4 hours drive of Sydney. Current options are Highland Fling Solo 24hr Kowalski Classic Needs to be a weekend event so I...
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    Giant warranty claim options

    The bike shop said it was Giant charging the transfer fee, and when I called giant they would neither confirm nor deny it. The 2017 carbon frames have similar issues to the older models. At least Giant have redesigned the top tube seat tube joint so hopefully this one won't fail where my...
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    Giant warranty claim options

    Giant sort of came to the party. I have a 2017 Anthem 2 in the garage. Apart from it being a bit too heavy I'm happy to have got a brand new bike with dropper post, 1x11 and boost spacing. Not happy I had to pay a transfer fee just because Giant don't have my frame anymore. Unfortunately I don't...
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    Hill climb/long ride locations in Northern Beaches

    I hope you have a road bike From Manly ride the following Mc Cars creek Akuna Bay Bobbin Head Berowra Waters Glaston Gorge Bobbin head Home for carbo loading recovery Plenty of hills and distance in that wee ride. For variation you could add in West Head or a side trip to Mount White and Brooklyn
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    Giant warranty claim options

    Update Giant have reviewed the damage and it's a valid warranty claim, the photos the LBS took weren't clear enough for the rep to make the call until he'd seen it in the shop. Now I have to wait and see what frame/bike they have to replace it with. I'm guessing a 2016 27.5 will be offered.