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  1. J

    STOLEN 2014 specialized stump jumper evo, Melbourne

    Might be worth checking out if this is your bike........ Samuel Joyce 0475473332
  2. J

    VIC [SOLD] Trek 4100 Alpha Aluminium

    How much does it weigh and where abouts are you? Cheers :)
  3. J

    Lysterfield MTB Park Trail Building

    Cheers Olly. If I'm not working I'll be helping out :)
  4. J

    Lysterfield MTB Park Trail Building

    When will the nest trail building session be? Haven't rode in ages, but keen to help rebuild. Cheers :)
  5. J

    Eildon VDHS Rd1 - Bay 13 Highlights Video

    Awesome footage fellas, I wish I could of been there. Me thinks I need to get myself a downhill bike and get back into it
  6. J

    maldon dh

    October 10th Check the watering hole part of the forum
  7. J

    Training rides for old dudes?

    How full on is Maldon? My first ever 2 D.H runs were on my trance on the valley run. Every B and C line I could find. I then grabbed a Glory and ran the other track first up with the comment of "if your going fast enough then jump the creek" before the boys took off. "WTF". Trust me if I...
  8. J

    Training rides for old dudes?

    There is no such thing as too much body armour!!!!! Directions for Maldon are: Get on the Calder fwy and follow it till the Castlemaine turnoff. Go throug Castlemaine following all the signs to Maldon. Drive through Maldon, when you get past all the shops drive a bit further and you will see...
  9. J

    Training rides for old dudes?

    Hi Rob. Come out to the Maldon shuttle day this 10th Oct and meet a few of us more mature (old farts). I,ll be on my silver S.C Bullit taking all the B lines.
  10. J

    Bendigo Downhill Crew

    I'm here at Maldon, where are you guys?
  11. J

    Bendigo Downhill Crew

    Come on guys don't leave me hanging. I don't wanna drive an hour to find that there's no one there.
  12. J

    LBS joy

    This is just a shout out for some AWESOME service That I have received from RIVIERA CYCLES in Bairnsdale over the last Month. I've been running school MTB trips up there for the last month and Gary has come up with the goods every time. Broken chain/derailer no probs give me an hour, Any cool...
  13. J

    Bendigo Downhill Crew

    Hey Guys im wondering if this is still going ahead and if there was room for me to come along as well. Have a 14 bike trailer i could probably bring as well if needed.
  14. J

    Schoolies 2011 - The MTB Way

    Are you really still at school??? Did your mum hack into your account??? Thats the sort of response Id expect from someone a bit more worldly. You can get on the piss any night you want and pick up skirt, a trip O.S is what It's all about. Besides you can still drink and pick up, You just...
  15. J


    Spend a bit more and get new. The 2010 Giant models are going super cheap at the Moment. Thats on top of a cheap bike to start with especcially for what you get. Think sub 2grand for a great dually (trance 2) or a glory for about $3,500.
  16. J

    When is it too wet?

    A few things. I rode Lysti for the first time in many years on the Tuesday after CTS. It was a disgrace. I didn't believe that you could do that much damage with a mountain bike,not to mention how dangerous it is in some sections. I found it kind of ironic that the sign at Trailmix told the...
  17. J

    YYMTBInc. Club Race-Cressy Descent 18th to19th September.

    So can we have some clarification on the rules here. Im very confused, some are saying yes I do need FF helmet some are saying no. Where do I find the rule book and is this an official D.H race with Rules? This is all probably very obvious to you guys but im crossing from the dark side (XC)...
  18. J

    YYMTBInc. Club Race-Cressy Descent 18th to19th September.

    Is track 13 the one with the big table top over another track? For someone that doesn't know D.H race rules what do I need to compete or where do I go to find out?
  19. J

    Churchill DH 15.08.2009

    Hey guys there great pics, but I'm concerned about where you are riding... The fires have affected a large area, however we need to let the forests and parks recover, otherwise it won't recover!!!! Soil compaction will prevent grass's and samplings growing., without the grasses, trees, and...
  20. J

    VIC DH Suitable seatpost 27.2

    Yeah mate I've got a seat post lying around. its 30 cm long, but you can then cut it down to your own size. 10 bucks and she's yours :)