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  1. WolfCreekPsycho

    What is it???

    Spotted in the city this morning....
  2. WolfCreekPsycho

    Heads up to the non-nerds Trojan / Virus warning fake mail

    Hey guys, My girl received this mail today sent to her correct mail address which she sent to me as we have both recently setup some ABN's. The mail (below) is malicious and if you click on either link in it will be sent to a bogus website that will attempt to install something nasty. The link...
  3. WolfCreekPsycho

    Dolphin slaughter - The Cove. I have heard of this a few times over the past few years and seen some pretty disturbing images. I side with the presenters that I struggle with the concept of seeing such intelligent and amazing creatures being subject to...
  4. WolfCreekPsycho

    Kowen / Majura / Yale Glum ??? Whats rideable

    Hey guys, Im heading down for some ACT goodness this weekend but wondering whats open and rideable. I have not ridden Kowen or Majura so was keen to check them out... I just range the nat parks to get the gate combo for Kowen and she said there is military exercises going on in there so...
  5. WolfCreekPsycho

    Amway China walk - Harbour bridge cycleway impact

    Hey guys, Saw a sign this morning as I came over. Today, Monday and Friday week between 10 and 12(midday) the Cycleway will be walk only. The only sign I actually saw was posted at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Cahill Walk, didnt notice anything on the cycleway itself...
  6. WolfCreekPsycho

    2011 TDF route unveiled overnight Wow that has got to be painful.. better them than me.
  7. WolfCreekPsycho

    Free entry into the Scott 24hr - 4man team. 1 place available

    Move along... nothing to see here.
  8. WolfCreekPsycho

    Mt Annan Botanical Gardens track looks like its underway

    Driving past this on the freeway on the weekend and could see what looked like fresh single track cut in.. I read that this was scheduled for completion mid year... nice to see its becoming a reality. !!
  9. WolfCreekPsycho

    Nokia Sportstracker Total Metres Gained tutorial

    Hey guys, A quick tut' for those who use Nokia Sportstracker for their rides. I quite like this product for a real cheap GPS training/ride tool but one of the things missing is your total verticle metres gained during a ride. It seems like a lot of steps, but the whole process is very quick...
  10. WolfCreekPsycho

    Anyone done the Cape to Cape in WA ?

    The wife and I just caught the last 10 mins of this on OneHD and she says "We should do that.. when is it on?" Now I am never one to say "no" when the wife asks to go riding, so will be looking to enter this year. Anyone here done this ? Looks like not just a good ride, but a real great...
  11. WolfCreekPsycho

    Kentlyn night ride 8:30 tonight

    Short notice, but will be doing a night ride tonight at Kentlyn, all welcome. Cruisy pace, 20km 8:30 Darling Ave locked gate. WCP
  12. WolfCreekPsycho

    Rotorua bike hire ?

    Hey guys, The wife is off to NZ for a few days of work and has planned 2 days at Rotorua (yeah I am jealous) Can anyone recommend a decent bike rental place or is she better off lugging her bike over there with her ?
  13. WolfCreekPsycho

    Man dies when motorized bicycle slams into bus,27574,26113705-29277,00.html With more and more of these unregulated DIY kits being made by backyard mechs I am surprised there are not more serious injuries occuring. How long till they get banned or regulated like those pocket bikes did ?
  14. WolfCreekPsycho

    Electric Harley Pedally

    Spotted in Akland st yesterday at melbourne.. what a bizarre creation
  15. WolfCreekPsycho

    A-GPS phones ? Nokia etc

    Hey guys, Im about to upgrade the old mobile and am looking at the Nokia6210 with gps so I can use the Sportstracker app. The chick at the Vodaphone store was saying that the GPS uses the data network so I need to be careful of my data cap as I can easily blow this using the GPS.... I...
  16. WolfCreekPsycho

    format for Southern highlands WMBC Scum interclub rd this weekend?

    hey guys, Anyone know what the format is for the interclub race at wingello this weekend ? Laps ? Time ? etc Thanks
  17. WolfCreekPsycho

    Boy 9 Dies after being impaled on handlebar,27574,25785584-29277,00.html :( I know I have been guilty of no bar ends.
  18. WolfCreekPsycho

    t- 4 mins till lift off - Space Ex You want to be quick : )
  19. WolfCreekPsycho

    Mercedes offering limited edition MTB (and Road)

    Interesting.. some high end gear, shame about the badge.
  20. WolfCreekPsycho

    Shoes for the wife

    Hey all, I'm after some advice on some shoes for the wife. She rides XC and has been game enough to try a few races (Mogo 50km, Careflight classic, recent Nowra MTB101 -50km) In the past she has ridden flats with joggers but is adventurous enough to try some clips or at least just have a...