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  1. Alec McJo


    Item: Medium Lapierre Spicy 527 Frame & shock + lots of parts Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Went bigger Price and price conditions: $1400 1200 make me an offer Extra Info: 8/12/15 UPDATE am keen to move this and can now do so at a good price as well as...
  2. Alec McJo

    QLD SOLD 2014 Fox 34 Float CTD Performance Series in need of basic repair, $100

    Item: 2014 Fox 34 Float CTD Performance Series Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Before I did what I did, great. Reason for selling: I bought DPA Pikes instead of repairing them Price and price conditions: $100 Extra Info: Alright, so. These were a great running fork til I decided to...
  3. Alec McJo


    Item: Renthal Apex 70mm Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Brand new, still in the box unfitted Reason for selling: Thought I needed it, but didn't Price and price conditions: $100 Extra Info: Will return this week if no one buys Pictures:
  4. Alec McJo


    Item: Renthal Fatbar Lite Location: Gold Coast Item Condition: Great, 4 months of use Reason for selling: Went wider Price and price conditions: $70 Extra Info: Uncut 740mm width with 10mm rise Pictures:
  5. Alec McJo


    Sold ten characteerssss yeah heehhhh woo]\\
  6. Alec McJo

    Toowoomba 12.5.13 (Sunshine Series RD 1)

    Haven't shot DH in 2 years since living in Cairns, forgot how much I enjoyed it... but I think also forgot how to do it... pics aren't my best, but here they are none the less. Looking to be at 3 out of the next 4 & should be able to refresh my memory on what to do before then! Anyway these...
  7. Alec McJo

    Reservoir track

  8. Alec McJo

    Josh Bairstow at Smithfield downhill!

    Just a couple, couple more on my Flickr. A video of the shoot in Phat Vids is here to. And while I'm going linking crazy like my facebook page :p
  9. Alec McJo

    Josh Bairstow at Smithfield downhill!

    Little video of young pinner Josh Bairstow at the Cairns track, don't worry - he's not actually dopey but I did a good job of making it look that way! :D it's actually Episode 2 of my web series so check out number 1 while your there, was a shoot with some sexeh laddiiess. Make sure to hit the...
  10. Alec McJo


    Surprised there's not already a thread? Or am I that blind? Been pretty interesting watching it develop from a low since yesterday morning. Can't say I'm excited about watching it get closer and become more apparent where it's going to hit, but alot of people are gonna get affected by this...
  11. Alec McJo

    Soft car covers

    Just got one for the mornings cause its the only way I can keep the car out of the sun before I can take it to work in the afternoons to put it in the garage there, but I don't actually like taking it to work because its a complete waste of petrol/wear and tear. Obviously with the cover on...
  12. Alec McJo

    Cairns DH5! Alec McJo

    Not to stoked on not realizing how much earlier everything was running for the day, finally got there at 10 for once only to hear the last shuttle was on its way up! Unlucky. Oh well, here you go anyway. As usual if you use them on Facebook and shit please leave the watermark on, the exposures...
  13. Alec McJo

    2010 QLD State Champs - Alec McJo - Finally

    Sorry, most people looking for photos are probably over it by now. I was just slack all week/busy buying a new car/rage-quited the whole photo thing cause 80% of run 2's were out of focus, so yes that's why theres not many of run 2. So I just deleted all of them in my raging and uploaded what...
  14. Alec McJo

    Cairns DH4

    Honestly, these photos are horrible for me. So unhappy. If you havn't seen my previous photos please go here just so I can be redeemed!! Oh and become a fan of me on facebook and blah blah blah, anyway next race I'll finally stick to a no drinking pledge, and I'll be there for practise and all...
  15. Alec McJo

    Cairns DH3! Alec McJo.

    Between how late I got there, having mass technical issues (which some riders probably heard me swearing about) during the first race run and my general poor photographic performance on the day they're definitely not as good as last race, but they've turned out pretty good considering. Also the...
  16. Alec McJo

    Cairns DH2! (1?!)

    Photos are up here! - If you like my photos become a fan of me on Facebook If you wanna buy High-Res photos for printing and what not they're 5 bucks a pop, email me on downhill.mcjo at - all you'll need is a Paypal account (which is free)...
  17. Alec McJo

    Google Chrome

    Oh My God I freaking love this browser so god damn much it's not even funny. It makes Firefox and everything else I've ever used look so boring and slow it's not even funny. I used to use the BETA a while back, but it had a shitload of bugs then so I ditched it. Last couple of weeks...
  18. Alec McJo

    06 Kona Stab Deluxe, Medium - the "Camo'd out" one. $1400, Cairns, QLD. SOLD

    Yep, it's for sale :( haha. 17 000 view thread woohooo :p Item: 06 Kona Stab Deluxe Location: Cairns - being a 4 year old bike I'd rather a local sale if I can, but if you want to buy from somewhere else that's fine. Item Condition: Average. The back rim is basically brand new and the...
  19. Alec McJo

    3 things that make you really cross...

    1. Southern Cross tattoo's 2. Unit 3. Country music All make me pretty angry. In that order to! What about you? btw yes I realize the similarity of this to the "little things you hate" thread but it seemed a bit different...
  20. Alec McJo

    Cairns DH1

    Yeeeeeeeee Not gonna lie, there's a couple of good photos, they're not awesome photos cause I spent most of the time piss farting around, looking for crashes and blabber mouthing, but oh well :D If I don't race again next time, I'll take some proper pics :p 14 pages on the j album in total...