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  1. kemmis

    western sydney regional park.

    I know there has been a previous thread, however to save the grave dig. I emailed WSRP about the possibility of another xc track. As most of you know the 2000 olympics used the area. I got a quick reaponse staring that they hope to start construction within a few months. So I figure shoot them...
  2. kemmis

    Evs neck brace

    I had both a EVS and a Leatt. The EVS was good value, but you could notice it, the leatt after a while wasn't noticable. I couldnt wear either with body armour but I just figured the neckbrace was a bit more important.
  3. kemmis

    Women, etc.

    family and friends have been wicked so its making it alot easier, just staying positive and having fun.. lol at the loose hole call.
  4. kemmis

    Women, etc.

    cheers hahahah. exactly right ;). I gotta admit I have been pretty damn happy to just do what i want and put myself first for a bit. back into riding so i am doing well.
  5. kemmis

    DH It's Butchering time! My new Santa Cruz.

    100000000% awesome.
  6. kemmis

    Women, etc.

    First time posting in this thread. Got dumped 2 weeks ago, girlfriend of 2 years, over the phone, pretty rough go. We never fought or anything completely out of the blue on my end but I am doing pretty good, realised its better to have happened now then 5 years down the track. Anyway reading...
  7. kemmis

    Trials EHCO ECHO echo echoooooo

    hahaha yeah, I have gone to take a seat a few times. Yeah they are great. so much fun, just opens up a whole new world of riding!
  8. kemmis

    Trials EHCO ECHO echo echoooooo

    Her is my (26inch) and my mates (24inch) trials bikes. very happy with them, trials is alot of fun. get amongst it for sure!
  9. kemmis

    NSW sold

    sold sold sold
  10. kemmis

    NSW Sold

    Big price drop. 220.
  11. kemmis

    NSW Sold

    price drop $275 ono
  12. kemmis

    NSW Sold

    bump................. throw me an offer.
  13. kemmis

    NSW Sold

  14. kemmis

    Official kentlyn thread

    Ah I miss kentlyn, miss riding for that matter. hopefully have a bike again later this year and see you guys out there.
  15. kemmis

    trance for all mountain

    I ride a trance for all mountain, bit of downhill, just abou anything, if you are smooth they are a super fun bike. I love it.
  16. kemmis

    Alone on the wall

    you guys will probably appreciate this, its a link to a new movie one of my mates is in, its mostly climbing with a bit of base jumping and other shenannigans. this is a link to each of the team member trailers and the trailer.
  17. kemmis

    what would you do with 20 million dollars?

    so this could be a flop. After seeing the what would you do if you won the lotto thread for am bikes, I thought it would be cool to see what you guys would do with 20million dollars just in your everyday life. I will kick it off - I would go on a 6 month holiday - share some money...
  18. kemmis

    Uni life thread

    I am doing a bachelor of policing at UWS, runnish uni, so small no facilities but its the only place that goulburn work with so only place offering the course. 2 years uni and then 4 months at goulburn police college. I enjoy the course, so far its not to full on with workload and I like the...
  19. kemmis


    pm'd you...
  20. kemmis

    NSW sold.

    Item: Leatt GPX Club Medium Location: Campbelltown Item Condition: Excellent, one non noticable scuff. Cant get it to show up in pictures Reason for selling: Not riding anymore Price and price conditions: $250 Extra Info: will post at buyers expense, or pickup. It has everything it came...