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  1. EastsideZero

    Some guys riding bikes somewhere.Now with broken bones!

    The crew riding on sunday. Macca413 toddles13 toddles13 CraigS Newts CraigS Macca413 Newts
  2. EastsideZero


    Item: '03 Norco drop- Size Small. Monocoque 6061 4 bar link . VPS variable 4.5-5.25" adjustable suspension FOX Vanilla R 2.0 - 550lb spring Location:Campbelltown NSW. 2560. Item Condition: Good, no dents or cracks. Shock in A1 condition. Reason for selling: Too small for me. For the...
  3. EastsideZero

    Hope & Glory

    I bought a new set of wheels and they were too pretty to put on my shonky Yakuza. So i had to find somewhere to put 'em! :D My new beast purchased on Sunday. Fairly stock except for wheels, tyres, saddle and grips. Would like to bling it up with a chainguide and stuff , but for some...
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    '03 Norco Drop- B.U.B.A.F

    This is my spare dually, built up from spare parts i had lying around. I call it the B.U.B.A.F Bike. This stands for "Back Up,Bring A Friend". Usually used for taking mates that dont have bikes for a ride . But in the last couple of weeks has come in handy for me as backup ride 'til i can get...
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    '04 IH-SGS w/888's- Now with Code 5's

    My new ride: Frame: '04 Iron Horse SGS Forks: "07 Marzocchi 888 RC2X VA Shock: Manitou swinger 6 Way Cranks/BB: FSA Extreme Chainring: BiLT 38 tooth Brakes: AVID- Front,CODE 5 - Rear,CODE 5 Wheelset: Front,Sun-Hill Rod,Novatech, Rear, Singletrack- 165mm ? Tyres...
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    Kentlyn Burns !!!!! Update: now with pics.

    Bad news.... Kentlyn trails are ablaze, looks to be burning from the gully where the NS wall ride was back up to the main fire trail. Bush Fire Brigade are there and the guy i spoke to said it was under control. Pretty sure it didn't spread as far as the road gap that leads to the see-saw...
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    Friends give you a fat !!

    This is why i don't have any friends! As i have always thought , no good can come from interacting with others. It makes sense, I really dont recall ever seeing a fat hermit.
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    Need graphics program.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good Graphics/Drawing program. MS Paint just don't cut the mustard! To be used for general drawing,painting & maybe a bit of photo manipulation. It's a big ask but around $300 would be good. Nothing overly complicated either 'cos my 9yo...
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    Lamest line in a song

    We've had "favourite line in a song", how about the lamest, most cheesy line. What song lyric makes you laugh/cringe when you hear it? I'll kick it off with - Nickelback - Figured You Out I like your pants around your feet I like the dirt that's on your knees And I like the way you...
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    Following the theme of the "pimp your ride" valve cap thread... Is this the most pointless mod you've seen? But what do you expect from an STP owner?:D
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    Moral dilemma

    To supplement my income from my day job at a factory, six months ago i had to take a second job as a Cleaner in a Government Research Facility. During one of my lonely late night shifts,while poking around in one of the labs i stumbled across some interesting stuff on one of the computers (the...
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    '04 stinky bb size?

    I've done a search but cant seem to find the information i need. I need to replace the BB on my '04 stinky and am not sure what size i need to get. First question is. Is it... 73x113, 73x118 or 63x118. Secondly,some of the posts i read seemed to say that Truvativ might not be the best...
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    Stinky,STP & Thumper

    Here are some pics of my rides. '04 Stinky Azonic stem (with about 20 spacers) Boxxer Race forks Minion rubber Primo Chad DeGroot grips(flanges trimmed off) '07 STP0 Stock except for rims drilled out for Schraeder's and a $2 chainstay guard,made from a 26" rubber rim tape and a couple...
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    The curse:"Last run"

    Is anyone else out there afflicted by the strange happening of the "last run "curse? Everything is goin' fine,gettin' close to the time you have to go home,and someone says "Last run" then we'll head off! Next thing you know, your'e brushing yourself off after being slapped by whatever...