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  1. FatYZ0

    DH Cranks and Vivid Ti Spring Please HELP

    Hey guys. I am looking at trying to make my bike lighter and i have two questions for you all. 1. I have a Rock Shox Vivid shock and i am looking for a Ti spring. does anyone know someone who makes them to fit? 2. I am in the line for new cranks as well as mine have seen a fair bit of...
  2. FatYZ0

    Hot as an Atomik Bomb Blast

    Hey Guys i have never posted this up but have been working on it over the last year. Let me know what you all think of it. Frame - 2008 Norco Atomik Rear shock - Rock Shox 5.1 Vivid Front shock/fork - Rock Shox Boxxers Handlebars - Sunline V-One 750mm Stem - E-13 Ali Direct Mount Stem...
  3. FatYZ0

    Silver Can Be Quite Sliming

    Thought i would finaly post up some pictures of my baby. I jus cant wait for Norco australia to pull there finger out and send me my new frame. I have got some Sunline V1 Bars and Stem on order and looking at some new levers. Frame : NORCO Atomik (08) Shock : FOX DHX 3 with 450/500 Spring...
  4. FatYZ0

    Yeti AS-X

    Hey guys we have just built this Bike up and we am absolutly rapt at how it has turned out. We were even more extatic when we put it on the scales to find out that it weighs in at 16.5KG. :eek: :rolleyes: Another fine example of the bikes that we are turning out down at Workshop Frame...
  5. FatYZ0

    Sold Please Delete

    Sold Please Delete
  6. FatYZ0

    Sold. Please Delete

    Item: juicy 5 2006 brakes f+r Location: Ringwood North Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: No need Price and price conditions: $240 Extra Info: These come with Goodridge lines fitted and recently rebuilt. come with 7" rotors and adapters Pictures: Up now
  7. FatYZ0

    Sold Please Delete

    Sold Please Delete
  8. FatYZ0

    Sold Please Delete

    Sold Please Delete
  9. FatYZ0

    Sold Please delete

    Item: Shimano Saint Cranks Location: Ringwood North Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: New Cranks Price and price conditions: $150 ONO Extra Info: The cranks have been used quite a bit and since i started DH they have Recived quite a few marks from the shuttles Pictures: will...
  10. FatYZ0

    DH Hubs?? help needed!!

    Hey guys. I am looking at building up a new DH wheel set and yes the rear hub needs to be a 150mm x 12mm. What sort of options do you think i should consider. Please give me some thought and ideas.
  11. FatYZ0

    Downhill Exposure

    Now this has probly been talked about heaps befor and delete it if you must but i was just watching The news on Channel 10 and once again Downhill montain Biking is getting more and more exposure around the world. Sam Hill has just had the latest mention on channel 10 for winning the latest DH...
  12. FatYZ0

    Plese delete

    Please delete
  13. FatYZ0

    Pimed Atomik (08)

    Well here is my new ride, I finaly picked her up saturday arvo and straight away took her out to the Eildon DH round. Well i did stay up satuday night to put all the new parts on her and i tell you, she rides like a dream. Also a Big Special thanks to Woffa and Wake jake for hepping me set...
  14. FatYZ0

    Vic Series At Eildon - 29 April '07

    Hi All, In between racing I was also out taking photos. It was a great day for my first race event. This was also the first time at taking pictures at a race meet and I have given it my best shot. All I am going to do is put a list of the numbers I have photos of and I will then get them...
  15. FatYZ0

    Sold Please Delete

    Sold Please Delete
  16. FatYZ0

    Please delete

    No longer for sale.
  17. FatYZ0

    Please delete

    No longer for sale
  18. FatYZ0

    Please Delete

    Please Delete
  19. FatYZ0

    New Hub

    Well it is time for a new hub. I think i have done some damage to my old one and it give me an excuse to upgrade the wheel. I am looking at a; 340 DT-Swiss Hope Pro II Dice HooDoo If anyone has any others that are around that some help would be great thanks. And please NO Chris Kings or...
  20. FatYZ0

    Re-Born YZ

    Well i have been building it up for a while and finaly got it to a ridable stage so why not show it. Hope you all like it. Frame:- '05 SCOTT YZ0 Fork:- Rockshox PIKES 454 with U-Turn Front Wheel:- Mavic 729 hand laced to a Da-Bomb Headspin Hub Rear Wheel:- Sun Mag 30 hand laced to TX...