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  1. Broken Bones89

    QLD WTB Small hardtail or dually

    My girlfriend has decided she wants to try her hand at some mountain biking Chasing a decent 26er 100-120mm travel hardtail or dually She has around $600 to spend but would consider more for the right bike. Please PM me what you have.
  2. Broken Bones89

    Iron Horse Sunday linkage parts

    Hey guys I'm trying to help my friend restore her old 09 Sunday and it desperately needs new linkage bolts and bearings, does anyone know where I might be able to find some? I know they're not made anymore so I'll be most likely looking for old stock or second hand in good nick. Any help will be...
  3. Broken Bones89

    QLD WTB vintage DH parts circa 98

    Chasing vintage 98 model DH parts to go on my M1 frame Cranks, brakes, hubs, rims, bars, and drivetrain Located Toowoomba happy to pay post Price: Lets see whats out there and we can negotiate. Would prefer silver or raw finish. This is what I have so far
  4. Broken Bones89

    QLD sold

  5. Broken Bones89

    Tallboy LTC and '14 Aurum LE

    After spending the last 12 months wrenching at a bike shop I'm proud to present the fruits of my labour and dedication. Completely stock 2014 Norco Aurum LE, specs can be found here 2014 Santa Cruz Tallboy LTC Full XX1...
  6. Broken Bones89

    QLD Sold

    Item: Reverb dropper 100mm brand new used twice. Reason: I'm 6'4 and 100mm isn't enough drop to get comfortable. Location: Toowoomba QLD free post. Price: $250 firm. Other info: Will come with bleed kit and all other accessories that it came with, will not come with box.
  7. Broken Bones89

    Hope Pro 2 135x12mm rear hub.

    Chasing a Hooe Pro 2 135x12mm rear hub in black Located in Toowoomba but will pay postage. Willing to pay around $150 but as cheap as possible is preferable.
  8. Broken Bones89

    Manitou 3-Way swinger seal kit

    I've been looking for a rebuild kit for my Manitou air can as it decided to drop all it's oil but I'm not having any luck. Does anyone know where is be able to get my grubby mits on one?
  9. Broken Bones89

    Recommend me a good size 48 clipless mtb shoe

    As the title suggests I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes. I have about $150-$200 to spend and would prefer not to go shimano. Any ideas?
  10. Broken Bones89

    Cracked laptop screen.

    I just cracked the display on my laptop, don't ask how, does anyone know where in Australia I can order a replacement? I'd get one from eBay but I prefer to order by the part number on my display rather than just going on the model of my laptop.
  11. Broken Bones89

    09 Revelation dual air problems

    On my Reign i have some 09 Revelation dual air forks and yesterday when out riding they started making a hissing noise out of the compression lock out gate. Today they're hissing and bubbling a little oil, have I blown a seal internally or is it normal to leak a little? I've never had forks with...
  12. Broken Bones89


    Item: 2013 United KL40 white and black with red grips, also destickered Condition: mechanically perfect, a couple scuff marks but no dents or cracks. Price: $400 reasonable offers considered Reason: I bought it for something different at christmas time. rode it about 5 times then decided I...
  13. Broken Bones89

    Changing helmet size with different padding

    I bought a THE Point5 full face helmet off the net that turned out to be a touch too small, as I understand most of the sizing in full faces is governed by different thickness padding. Can I buy the padding from a different size helmet to make it fit? I want to got from XL to L.
  14. Broken Bones89

    Help with warranty replacement.

    A while back I was trying to sell my 08 Avanti Derelikt frame and someone informed me of this: Now I'm not the original owner and I was wondering if anyone had any advice...
  15. Broken Bones89

    Wild West race

    Can someone please me the details for this weekends race, start time, cost etc.
  16. Broken Bones89

    Spamageddon part 2

    Is it just me or are spammers starting to get clever? I've noticed a distinct rise in the last couple days.
  17. Broken Bones89

    Usb hub missing from device manager

    Edited thread see post #6
  18. Broken Bones89

    Potential credit card theft

    On my computer I have my credit card number protected through my antivirus software (Trend Micro Titanium) And I'm constantly getting a "transfer of blocked data" warning telling me that something is trying very hard to get my card number but Trend won't tell me who or what. Is there a way to...
  19. Broken Bones89

    Quality tool kits

    After working for a mechanic all week I have decided to pursue a full time mechanics apprenticeship. I'm looking at buying a pre stocked tool chest, something I've been meaning to do for a while anyway. What I want to know is what are brands to go for and what to avoid, I know all the most of...
  20. Broken Bones89

    Giving up the ciggies

    I want to quit smoking but I don't want to have to fork out for patches or medication, Does any one know of any natural cheap methods of giving up the darbs? I thoroughly enjoy my cigs so the main reason I want to quit is to save money and because it's apparently bad for me. Any ideas?