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  1. shortass_0_7

    Rims and tyres for hilux

    Hey guys, I bought myself a 4door Toyota hilux sr5 and I'm wanting to put new rims on it.. As some of u might know there is a weight limit with what rims and tyres you put on.. I have checked all the rim load capacity and it's all sweet, ( rims: CSA sniper 20inch) but I'm having trouble...
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    2011 interschools

    hey mate.. very nice pics!!!!! colors are amazing!!! do u have any of number 1036, heathcote high jersey black tld shorts or long blue and white pants? cheers.
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    first pics with new camera

    very nice pics mate!!! just woundering what type of camera your using and what lenses?
  4. shortass_0_7

    DH Frame...

    thanks heaps mate,and good idea! will do that! thanks....
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    DH Intense M6 Build Thread - COMPLETE PG10 - ***need helmet suggestion PG12***

    WOW! its gonna be a sexy looking bike man!
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    DH Frame...

    hey "todd28" i think that the new 2010 giants will be better. thanks for the sugesstion but im looking for a better type of frame then a "giant" thanks anyway mate....
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    DH Frame...

    hey guys im looking to buy a new downhill frame soon.. has any one got any sugestions on what to buy? ive been looking at the 951,knolly,makulu.. if use could list 1 or even a few that'll help. thanks nathan....
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    Big air thread

  9. shortass_0_7

    2010 State Champs Lithgow By NBT

    Great shots neil as allways!!! such good colour and angles!!!! can not wait to have a look at ya website, it should be awsome! let us know what its called and when its up and running!! Nathan
  10. shortass_0_7

    Few Pics of Moony Riding with the CHUNKED topcrown/stem...

    Went out with Moony today and took a few pics of him testing out the new stem/topcrown.. hope use like them. coments..... MOONY... CHUNKED.COM.AU Enjoy!
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    Jans Ally...

  12. shortass_0_7

    DIY Boppa Booter!!!!

    haha thanks bro.. oh yeh 1 day man but i think id rather stay photographer on that 1!!!
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    DIY Boppa Booter!!!!

    Went out to diy for a build and ride day... The new boppa booter is 36foot in length and its HUGE! Just a few pics from later in the day and im fair happy with them.. sorry about the sizing if there to big.. comment and enjoy!!! MASE the filmer for the day BRENT brenty with a...
  14. shortass_0_7

    Shire Bike Park Mania

    wow!! we can get so many better pics on this!! heaps of good angles and stuff! heaps happy how they have turned out atm!!!!!!!!!!! pump track saturday? HELL YEH!!!!!!
  15. shortass_0_7

    Menai freeride session

    WOW! that last pic takin by the phone looks that good! the colours and mostly the DOFF!!!! wow! your pics are average to the pic takin on the phone!!! :):):)
  16. shortass_0_7

    Menai freeride session

    just 1 of petey that i took with my phone :):):)
  17. shortass_0_7

    Wellington Mills Downhill WA

    probs the best vid ive seen for a long time!!! great job mate keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. shortass_0_7

    DIY Sesh at the Heights

    ok ill try to shoot in raw from now on. thanks mate
  19. shortass_0_7

    DIY Sesh at the Heights

    lens i was using was a nikon 70-200 2.8
  20. shortass_0_7

    DIY Sesh at the Heights