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  1. Bjorn

    Strap On (Bike Rack)

    I'm planning a road trip with the wife's car and want to mount a temporary rack. I'm not keen to go to the expense of mounting roof racks or a towbar and bike racks for a one off trip. I'd also like something that will go from car to car. I figure a strap on rack like a Saris Bones is the...
  2. Bjorn

    Problem With Thread Subscription

    Does anyone else have a problem with their thread subscriptions? When I get an email advising me of an update and click the link I get a blank page. Is this an error in my system or are others experiencing this?
  3. Bjorn

    Life Sentence

    G'day to all you Farkers. I've joined up and thought I'd do the right thing by saying a little about myself. I'm a lifer, there's no doubt about it. I got my first bike, a fire engine red Malvern Star Hi Riser, thirty years ago and have ridden ever since. No wonder I'm tired! (I suffer from...