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  1. Ben-ya-min

    The warranty game with Kona

    Hey guys! Just wondering how many of you guys have tried to play the warranty game with Kona bikes, through their Australian importer Groupe Sportif. Basically I would like to know what bike it was, what happened to it, how you went about warranty, their general attitude towards your claim...
  2. Ben-ya-min

    Logan Quinn Oxford falls

    Logan Quinn testing out my new GoPro rig at Oxford Falls last weekend. Ultimate selfie rig :P
  3. Ben-ya-min

    Happy birthday emails

    was my birthday the other day and i received 14 happy birthday emails from ROTORBURN forums! it doesnt bother me at all just thought i would let you guys know as there may be some sort of issue with the automated emails... :)
  4. Ben-ya-min

    Sutherland DH repairs??

    anyone that lives in the Sutherland Shire that rides DH keen to fix up the sutho DH track?? i need a local track and i went down there the other week to check it out and it needs a fair bit of work... it is pretty rough and rocky and just needs some drainage work done so all the dirt down't...
  5. Ben-ya-min

    Giant Reign or Specialized Big Hit

    Been looking at getting a new bike and have been looking quite a lot at a Big Hit. so i went into Chain reaction Cronulla to have a chat with them about the big hit and he pretty much Puled me away from it and got talking about Giant Reigns. So what do you guys think? I ride mostly in the...
  6. Ben-ya-min

    Best all round tire for mtb hardtail??

    hey just wondering what everyone recommends as a good all round tire for a mtb hardtail... im thinking minions or high rollers???:confused:
  7. Ben-ya-min

    My dj's/pump track build

    hey guys so i want some jumps around where i live... im sick of catching the train everywhere in the arvo after school to go for a ride... sooooo attempt to build my own.:rolleyes: Here is what i have done so far in about hour and a half.... and suggestions of comment welcome! so here...
  8. Ben-ya-min


    hey fellow rotorburners :D Im coming up to Bundaberg over Christmas and will have my bike with me, so just wondering if there is anything around...trails, dj, pump track ect. i will be staying in Bagara but can travel around a little bit. thanks ben:cool:
  9. Ben-ya-min

    You won't see this everyday!

    Went over to sutho today for a bit of a run and rode in to find this. Not something that happens all the time. The Ambo's have a go at the berm!!! :cool: We had to fix the berm:mad:, but it seems ok;)
  10. Ben-ya-min

    Question thread

    how about a general question thread on the main fourm page. this can be use to ask fellow rotorburns about biking topics or website related topics. for example WEB SITE RELATED; how do you post full size picture in a post not just the thumbnails at the bottom of the post? GENERAL MTB: How do...
  11. Ben-ya-min

    posting pictures

    hey guys was wondering if you could tell me how to post full size pictures into a post. I know how to attach the pics but then you have to click on the pic to open it up in a new web page, which is really annonying.:mad: I have heard somthing about having to upload the pics to photobucket or...
  12. Ben-ya-min

    Pump track-the shire

    Hey fellow rotorburners Me and my friend Sam have started making our own pump track today. This is really our first major build and so far we have made a berm and started spacing out rollers along the main straight. The piece of land is quite overgrown at the moment and we are planing to...
  13. Ben-ya-min

    Stumpjumper vs Rush

    Hey fellow rotorburners. I am not sure which bike to get. Both bikes weigh around 12.5 kg, the rush is a med frame and the stump jumper a small. A small is probably better as i am only 14 and about 178cm tall.(My bad: only 165cm) here are the links for them Stumpjumper...